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Anyone who can copy and send to FlareGames support, the higher the number of players sent, the greater our chance to win.

Good Morning. I hereby express my dissatisfaction and that of many players with the recent unilateral amendment by Flare Games about the score necessary to obtain the maximum prize of the league Pro, that since 31.05.2019 was of 1500+ and was changed suddenly this morning, 03.06.2019 to 2100+, frustrating countless players who have had to buy buds and pro tickets, which were in vain.
The company can not have this type of attitude, because in the case of a game essentially paid (pay to win) there is more than enough time for the company to define the parameters of the awards of the Pro Leagues, so that home player will have previous science of the score needed to achieve a given prize. It is emphasized that the company’s position is abusive and attacks against the good faith of each player, since this is surprised by a sudden modification by Flare Games, which ends up frustrating the expectations generated previously.
In this way and in the face of the obvious damage caused to the players, through this I require that the Flare Games review the attitude taken on the morning of 03.06.2019 and, as a form of compensation, return the score to the maximum prize for 1500+ as a form compensation for the losses and frustrations caused.
Right now, thanks for understanding.


I send it to support

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