Us vs Them is recruiting

We are looking for strong kings and queens to join our big family.

The alliance is ranked between 18 and 25 globally when full


What we are looking for:

we are looking for the ones who love wars and do their 10/10 battles without us always pushing them, communication is of the essence, so if you’re the silent type, avoid this topic without looking back.

King level min: 90

donation: 500k

trophies range: ~4500


what we offer:

24/7 boosts: knight,archer,ranged bomber,frost trap, barricade, cannon,ogre, wolf, as soon as we win gargoyle nest and dracofroster, it’ll be added as well

occasional boosts: frenzy arblaster (only if the subsequent season provides uberblasters)

bump it up

bump it up, we need a pair of players

bump it up, there’s one player open spot, contact flamer0 or queen nightmare, or apply in game, after a short interview so we can know each other.


we’ll have gargoyle tower, and we’re extending it

bump it up, come come, we have gargoyle nest too

bump it up, check us vs them alliance

bump it up

bump it up

can i join 


nop :wink:

bump it up, this season we have dracomancers and frenzy blaster


this season we have dragofrosters and gargoyle nests, we have still 2-3 spots available

we still need just one member to complete the line up

bump this topic up, as soon as war ends we’ll have a pair of spots. we now will have dracomancers,doom gate and frenzy arblaster+gargoyle and dracofrost

bump it up

bump it up, one fighter needed