Use of gold after having maxed everything?

I was wonder if someone gets all of his towers\troops\moral points to max, what’s the use of gold then? Specially now with the alliance gold boost :/ 

Maybe introduce some new towers? Or maybe increase the max level for troops\towers? 

Gold becomes a burden even before you max out, the waiting time is that long that it just builds up if you continue to play only to be able to spend it every few days … towards the end it might be week.

I have all maxed up since many month. I can only spend gold when there is an new update for Towers or else.

For example

last week i burn perhaps 40-50 Mil. Gold in Grannys Shop for useless Stuff (buy and then sold).With the alliance gold boost its much more.

So i hoped before alliance update come up i can spend there a few millions for alliance, but nothing.

I had 12 Mil. Gold in my tresor and must buy with real money for an exra spend in alliance Tower.

Thats a bad joke.


At the moment is gold for me rather annoying and useless.

Probably the alliance donations currently provide some option for “getting rid” of excess gold! :grinning:

But truly, without maxed alliance tower (and even with it, probably) the donation amount per day is no enough as a single option for spending gold usefully…

So when there’s nothing left to upgrade, there’s probably few use for gold… one argument for not maxing out everything too quickly, I guess! :wink:


Edited topic title to be more meaningful.

I can’t see myself playing the game anymore if I got everything maxed and not being able to use the gold anymore tbh. 

I do agree that gold is a burden , even now I can only spend my gold every 5 days or so since upgrade taking too long and theres nothing to spend on.I ended up sharing gold to friends on Facebook group.The last 3-4 days I have tons of gold since all upgrade are busy including construction plans and I’m only raiding for medals/trophies.


I think there need to be more alliance task besides donation maybe one that’ll speed up upgrade or increase hero strength by a few %

War between clans that requires gold would be SICK!