Use only gargoyle (top 10 raid)


i withdraw my like, i thought u use gargoyle “ONLY”.

he did, didn’t he?.. just at end he summoned 2 werewolves for no reason… lol… otherwise, it was gargoyle only…

The wolf does not give gargoyle the power of “咆哮・Boost”.

Gargoyle only style
The “offense” side is difficult.
Thank you for filming and posting a difficult challenge.

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I used only need to watch carefully.I dont click wolfe button.

I used only gargoyle

gargoyle and spell :smiley:

Yes, no one can come up with a positive opinion when witch hunt is popular.
I urge you to consider that this is a forum for exchanging opinions on the forum, which is causing “failure” and “defeat”.

If you are a “game player”, take a video and show your strength and opinion.

HakaNN’s challenge is amazing.
You must follow it.
There is no other way to make the game exciting on the player side.

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this video is about units (no about spell),I didn’t say i wouldn’t use magic

no offence lah bro, i would like to see whether we can win with gargoyle only.