Used to the new scream button yet?

It’s been a while since they’ve added health/pal bars to the scream button so it’s about time to re-evaluate it. And get rid of it, instead making a proper large health bar someplace actually visible. Because you know what? I NEVER look at it to know how much health I have, only if I can scream yet or not. I’m too busy fighting to survive in a clustermess of units under fire from several towers to be focusing on a tiny rainbow somewhere waaay in the corner of the screen. A larger/more distinct health bar for the king preferable on the topmost layer of a stack of healthbars would be far more usable than this.

So it basically proves what’s been said when flare introduced this “improvement” - it doesn’t serve it’s purpose and is usually ignored instead of helping.

But that’s my point of view, maybe someone has actuallu found it useful. Do tell.

I find it useful to time the pal attacks and see the kings health when king is covered by my thumb, hasn’t really changed the ability to see scream.

It would be nice if King’s health was more prominent, but new button is better than the old one.


I agree. It is too complicated to recognize the health or beast status. We need something else.

Also it was suggested before to make the actual pal health bar above the pal more visible. Now it dissapears under enemies health bars, which makes no sense at all. Its grey color is also not a good choice. Some pals need more timing than others. Improvement is needed.

I like it and find it useful, way better than the old one :slight_smile:

I don’t even remember how the old one looked like :wink: I don’t really pay attention to the new one. It was very unfamiliar at first, but now I got used to it and it’s not that bad