Usefull and easy to implement sugestions

  1. In game announcement of events (on windows phone we don’t have this feature). Also should be announced in the moment it is posted on forum so you can collect good items (meltdown event) collect gems (alliance event) collect chests and save workers (defense/offense events).

  2. Daily quest. Every morning you get (even if you login or not) a new quest (the old one gets cancelled if you didn’t complete it. The quest should be an easy-medium one (attack 5 different enemies; get 1.000.000 gold from attacks). Quests should scale on player level. 

  3. New event: convert perls into gems. 10 pearls=1gem.

I don’t like the third idea, because pearls are supposed to be more valuable than gems, each 10 gems you spend give you 3 pearls (if I recall correctly), so each pearl is worth around 3.33 gems. If there was an event where many pearls are converted into just one gem, I wouldn’t use that event at all.

Third option is not going to happen and you have to realise why, even not during an event.

Gems are the income for flaregames. When you have a business, would you start an ‘event’ that literally means that you hurt your future income? Every gem a player gets his way means they don’t need to spend cash for to get those gems.

Some players have maxed blacksmith shop and opened all the meltdown slots. They would boost their blacksmith and some are able to convert x-thousand pearl per day. Some even have many thousand of pearls in reserve. They would be able to convert thousands of gems.

So not a chance this will ever happen.

Ok, third is a bit SF but the announcements/notifications i think are a must… They could put a button read more that will redirect you on official anouncements page, idk, but should be announced in game as well.