Useless Event: Boost your Castle

I have maxed out everything in my castle other than my Treasure Chamber and Blacksmith. And that’s ME! I’m level 97!! Goodness gracious, think about the higher players. I’d be seriously upset if I were them. Come on flare, you could at least make the Alliance Tower be involved in this event. There are some top players, I’m sure, that don’t have a maxed AT. I was really hoping we’d get something fun, like a Festival, but, I guess we have to wait another week for something fun and then MAYBE we’ll get a sneak peek at the update. If you guys keep on this crap of not communicating, I’m gone from the game! I’m sick and tired of waiting

Are all your farms & taverns fully upgraded too?

Oh, didn’t realize that included farms and taverns, but still, top players have them maxed out. From what I see from top players. I really see no reason to continue playing once everything is upgraded fully

How many players are there in top?

I have maxed all my castle buildings (including AT) except 3 farms but I don’t think this is useless event. There’s a lot of players who still need it. I don’t think top players thinking about this event too much. I’m sure they considering the others player needed too. The one that they have in their minds is about alliance war, ninjas event, and pro league. So flare should fix and improve those things to make this game become interesting again in top players point of view (and of course in pov the other players too).

Oh forgot about something, the real useless event that affect all players is UBER GRANNY DAY. Flare should do something about it ASAP.


::… from low player ?

My castle buildings have all been maxed for awhile, but this event doesn’t bother me as it was hugely beneficial to me back when I wasn’t maxed - particularly for upgrading Farms when food was a major concern (unlike now where food is generally a non-issue, at least for me).  I like that my alliance members may finally be able to get to more of their upgrades because of this.

That said, it’d be nice if they threw in an additional thing to make everyone happy.   Perhaps this event could also include auto-boosts for castle buildings (Farms and Taverns)?  It’s nothing earth shattering, but it would be nice and it would save me the trouble of manually boosting my taverns twice a day.

the game is not only for the  higher  players … I have 2 more farms level 18, it’s great that I can quickly up them to the maximum. do you beat the XP? know how much bread for raids? tavern is also not the maximum level. I 116 level. the event is good. among us there are many players who will take advantage of it and will be happy.


The alliance tower is inside the castle, it would be nice if it counted :slight_smile: I have everything maxed except alliance but agree that I’m happy for others to get this important boost.

What I mean is Top 150 or so, maybe top 200

I’m max level and I play this game for almost 3 years but still I don’t have a single max level farm or wave :wink: Every event is useful for some people. And yes the alliance tower should be included in this event, since it’s in the castle

Just because I’m at max, doesn’t mean that I get annoyed that other people can take advantage from this event, and catch up to me.

I wanted this event to be part of community month, in order to upgrade more farms and more times, and therefore have more possibilities to win Diamond League later.

I have everything at most, including farms, taverns and tower of the alliance, but I think this very important event


Is 150 > 150k players? How is it useless for majority of players? ?

i think for top players its useless, thats why flare must add something usefull to those players with events like this.

We’ll come on…it will be like daily allinace party event … Flare just gave week long party also before that we got a month back too …it will be like every month we get allinace party…then the randomness and curiousity behind events will be gone.

Hello guys,

Not everybody is top players. A lot of or players are actually not to players. Lots of our players are actually enjoying getting these kind of events, to help them grow in the game.

But think about it. If we help people to grow in the game, then we got more top players, which provides more variety and competition for players who are already at the top. More opponents and challenges for you guys. ^_^

Many thanks,



Probably if I was level 108 again me too find this event useless for high player. However I am once again a low player close level 50 and this event help me very much to grow. I have unlock my third worker now and do Throne Room level 8 with some defense tower. After will be a Boost your Defense I wait for this to help me upgrade my stuffs

Did you start all over again? Why? Is there any problem?