useless event

Hi All… WTF Flare ???UBER chests event …U must be kidding me :angry: :angry: . U added recently10 Alli lvl…everything has level up …and u giving such a useless event? LOL

Where is promo to castle buildings and alliance tower??LOL. U understand your tactic…wait as long as possible. do not give any promo  people will be un-patient and upgrade everything for full price

(like alliance tower for 8k insteed of 5.4 k in promo)  . totally disappointment



It’s not only useless, but hurting players pearl income, the way it is implemented.
All items are reduced by 30% in price, resulting in 30% less melting value.

Maybe in Thursday and Friday we will have another event…

I completely forgot about that. Now I remember that it affect all item generated during the event. So the event is worst than useless. It’s a negative event.

Yeah, I want Boost Your Castle or Boost Your Defense or Blacksmith Meltdown or Alliance Party event. Other than those is useless weekly event for me.

Only good thing about that event is getting unique uber items for collectors :wink:

Granny event is not useless because we can buy super chests and item slots with lower price of gems. Also other events (blacksmith, alliance tower, ect.) are not useless.