Useless Last Live Update

With the latest live update, all those that crash in the game are given a second chance.  However, what happens to those players (like me) who crashed before this update?


I still can’t complete the event despite this update.

yep we get no relief…typical flare …they win …we lose

So the paid players are the one to suffer this time…

I paid money this event and now feel robbed by it.

If I don’t quit, I will be playing differently. You are not getting anymore till I’m made whole!!!

ign     venki 2 

cof crashed for 2 times so i lost 1 st place in ninja event

opened and  spent more than 300 gems for other cofs and skilp ship travel time to open

i am likely to quit this game really fed up with the flare 

every one struggling with ninja event 

its almost every where we should spend the gems  in the game

ranking system must be changed at least for ninja 

ranking and rewards shall be given in way so 2 nd highest scorer gets 2 nd place rewars not if 10 members gets 1st place he ll be in 11th 

that is reallly pathetic when u use gems and real money u will get really frustrated

lots of changes to be made to ninja event 

really a back drop to loose fame of the game earned 

hope i ll get some reply and many

see this post in fb how many suffered 

and not all r there in this comments who suffered



So you’re saying only those who spent gems crashed? 

No, but anyone that spent gems loss more than the ones that did not. I had all but the last one done the 1st day and now the free players are all passing me. What ever Flare gives us, I’m sure will go to all players evenly. While the ones that invest the most lose out.

I got one extra chance yesterday.

my game had crashed two times but i got only one chance