Useless Visual Bugs

As the topic says.

Just not needed to be fixed bugs ?

I already reported the uber chest discount overlay and then command overlay no need to mention them here.

Also there is a probability window “whatever” when icon is pressed after giving up the chests in chamber of fortune 

Screenshot (282).jpg

these numbers came out of no where and disappeared when I headed back to kingdom and again opened conquest.

Also there are numbers on war screen which refer to skull collected and are probably negative.

Hey Pixels,

Thanks again for showing that to us. We’re aware of this issue and it has been added to our database. :grinning:

As a DEV myself, I was like:

“Man… I think I’ve seen this number somewhere…”

*Goes back to remembering my university classes…*

When then I remembered:

An integer number, or let’s say, a number without fractional component (e.g.: 1,2,3,7,20,1024…) in a computer program of 32 bits, these numbers are stored in a whole “word”, of 32 bits.

So basically, there are 232 possible (if only positive) numbers.

Or, we can say that a number ranges from 0 to 232 - 1.

232 - 1 = 4 294 967 296 - 1. Which is equal to…


So, let me ask @Sasch, are you using this as a value to represent these special tiles?

Did I hit the jackpot? :wink:


PS: Sorry if I bothered most of you guys, this was more kinda like a “DEV” thing

Dang, how huge can the conquest map be if they need 32 bits to enumerate tiles…

No wonder the game runs slower with every update. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the next map will be a maze…

Where we’ll get lost in an infinite loop of bugs, server disconnections and forced updates

Maybe the map is set to grow exponential. You soon need all 5 days to find the first opponent!

Guys, please do not hijack the thread :grinning:

Sorry Madlen, I got a bit too enthusiasmed there xD

Could you please ask Sasch nonetheless if that’s true or not?

I got really curious :wink:

Another Visual bug

When you collect a pro ticket and then do this ; This happens every time you repeat

I had video with 5 repetitions but can’t upload it.



class=“ipsEmbeddedVideo” data-controller=“” data-fileid=“17725”> <source src="Royal Revolt 2 11_3_2018 5_23_02 PM_Trim_Trim_Trim_Trim.mp4 (2.37 MB) type=“video/mp4”>
Royal Revolt 2 11_3_2018 5_23_02 PM_Trim_Trim_Trim_Trim.mp4

What Just happened? 


There is no bug with the Conquest map @Pixels.

That’s a new map created specially for Halloween.

I was looking at the picture at least 10 minutes and could not find an issue. I did not think that he was referring to the halloween-layout. gg

No the bottom buttons just shifted towards left and left sided buttons disappeared.

I am a windows (pc) user. I don’t remember what exactly I did to trigger this but I was doing it in the conquest map and its related buttons.

when I head back to kingdom and open conquest again it was normal.

He didn’t say a thing so… I just tried guessing his issue.

Yes, I had already seen this behaviour happening with me.

The issue is perfectly bearable though.

Another visual bug in conquest map is the <!> representing the orders on the map, they appear in front of the HUD when moving the map


Screenshot (265).png

My monk was upgrading before this event( boost your offence) started and now it is showing this.

There is still 2 days and some hours remaining for event and only 2 days for monk. I don’t know what will happen after the countdown ends.


Happened again

Happens when you move to watch tower and you have selected it. The icons are showing on the bottom then the hero cooldown  ends and icons shift towards left


We moved up a tier and it still shows i marker on previous tier.I don’t think it is supposed to be a bug. But I wanted to know which teams are in for our next conquest.