Using a ? cap for leashes

I’ve had trouble communicating this elsewhere, so I thought I’d try here. How about this:

Start using a ? cap for leashes.

For example:

  • 0-1200 ? you can leash growl,  howl, archimedes 
  • 1200-2000 further leash bucky, eldrak, tammy 
  • 2000-3000 further leash kaiser, aki, irmgard
  • 3000–3800  nidhogg, aska,  bela
  • 3800+ pro beasts 

The numbers and beast selection are purely hypothetical (well mostly… I tried to select abundant beasts for early levels as those should be more readily available). Therefore the final numbers and beast selection should be decided by those more qualified.

I believe this would have 4 positive effects:

  1. Now you can boost all beasts! The uselessness higher levels experience can be remedied.
  2. Lower levels will not fight against Phoebe because other low level players have landed positions in stronger alliances.
  3. Players will be encouraged to raise their ? score rather than stay low and feed/discourage new players
  4. Players will experience a wider variety of beasts when playing RR2, and more ‘wow factor’ as they progress through the game.

I realize #4 would apply mostly to new players, and in the endgame 1 beast will be dominating defenses. But… The bulk of the game is dominated by 1 beast now!

and… depending on how other beasts are boosted, variety may yet thrive.

if it is too complicated we could do a cap for pro beasts only. This would still retain positive effects.

Hi shoop, I can see why you originally posted this in a Phoebe thread, but I felt it is an idea that would affect all beasts, so I have split this topic and opened a thread with it in the idea/feature request section.


Why not make it hero level depending? 

Say it’s trophy based, it offers chances to remove a beast from a defense. Especially during war season this can be exploited and have serious consequences.

If I really want to be mean, I can remove a pal from an opponent it’s base. Say an opponent has 3820 trophies and a pro beast in defense. I just raid twice outside war season and lower his trophies under 3800 as was proposed. What happens to the pro beast? Will it be removed from the base? According to the rules based on trophies it will be, so rest of the lower players in my team, now can raid a base that first was undoable for them and now suddenly is easy beatable. It’s a nice suggestion in theory, in practice it’s not exploitable.

Since during war season a level 95 hero gives max skulls, I would say, that hero level can have pro beasts in defense. 

The problem: low lvl players complain the Phoebe beast is too strong.

What Flare has done about it so far: They originaly proposed a nerf to all lvl1-2 Phoebes (only low lvl alliances would be punished by this). They didn’t go ahead with it and instead chose to reduce the “pal factor” for defensive beasts for kings under lvl 100 (meaning, all beasts for kings below lvl100 became weaker) in late August.

Your solution: introduce a trophy cap for beasts, which would remove Phoebe beast from low level player’s defense, so they would also stop facing Phoebe against similar lvl opponents.

The impact of your solution on me as a player: I’m a lvl127 player. This wouldn’t affect me at all (no disadvantage and no benefit).


What I don’t like about it: 

  1. I believe in fairness and that every player should have the same chance (this doesn’t mean you’ll have the same end result!!! it just means that nobody and nothing should be stopping you from chasing your goals). To me, it doesn’t matter if you’re lvl50, 80, 100 or 130. As long as you put in the work to unlock Phoebe beast, you should be able to use it.

Low level players and low level alliances take extra long to unlock Phoebe because it’s mostly just 3 or 4 guys in the alliance collecting crystals for over half a year, to finally unlock it. It’s a monumental and very long task for them… and your solution prevents them from using it. What’s their incentive to work towards unlocking it?

  1. You can’t put genie back in the bottle.

Low level alliances have already unlocked it and some are well on their way there. Are you going to block them from using it, now? They would be very upset.


What I would propose: adjust the “pal factor” again, but only for Phoebe beast on low lvl kings.

The thing is, you can only go so far with this. At a certain point, you will really have to learn/adjust your combo to face Phoebe.

Thank you ARREBIMBA. I appreciated your videos for taking CP down. Very cool! But I think it would be better to show level 75 taking CP down.

First: you left out some problems:

  1. Yes low level players are struggling against Phoebe. We don’t have gear, troops and spells to combat it. I saw a player with 1,700 trophy has Phoebe in his defense. He wins because of leash only (this problem is spreading! Soon Phoebe will be destroying brand new players…) Is this healthy? No, there are many complaints in forums about this.
  2. High level players also complain! Beasts are useless at endgame… this problem is also being addressed. I am proposing a way to boost beasts! Please don’t leave this out. I also want to enjoy the game when I reach it’s end.
  3. Beast variety… players have said Phoebe is useless, BUT THEY HAVE A LEASH ON IT! How hypocritical is that?  Anyone can go look at top players. They all have a leash on Phoebe. You may say you don’t, well get on the top list so there can be 1 person who doesn’t… still boring… Let’s make other beast useful,  not through nerf… but through boosts!!
  4. Players intentionally lower their score to prevent losses and feed on weak. This is harmful and Flaregames has introduced mechanisms to discourage this, yet it continues! This problem is also addressed. Some will be forced to lower score where they belong, but encouragement to raise score will be greatly enhanced with this implementation.

Try to see, there is more than 1 problem.

**Single players don’t unlock Phoebe. Alliances do. If you’re in an alliance who has unlocked it (high level or LOW LEVEL!!)   Then “put in the work” to be able to use it!   **And then after they do, they will be at a level which won’t cause harm to new players.

I think it makes no sense that a low level alliance with no high level players has unlocked Phoebe. How did they do this without gaining level and stronger player?? Maybe some cheaters won’t get to use it now until they earn it fairly like everyone else. GOOD!!!

Thanks Dena, to me this makes it more interesting. Adding strategy for targeting players close to border deepens gameplay imo.

Players would become aware that they are dangerously close to Phoebe’s leash being removed. They can utilize awareness to apply leash to other beasts (which will promote variety, and if boosts can now be applied that would not be a terrible thing) or they can work to remove themselves from border.

For those on the border, either develop awareness or sour feelings… which exist now regardless. How many posts are there in forums complaining about Phoebe?

However, the coding would get complicated, how do you remove leash?

I like level dependent. I think that could work well. Thanks Dena but…

I guess the only problem with levels is that the 4rth issue in my previous post is no longer addressed ? So I still prefer trophy, but both levels or trophy have positive effects 



Level 23 player with CP defense!  It’s too late…

Already brand new players must fight CP…

something must be done… make it weaker, beasts are “a waste of time” at top anyway…


Boost it ?

With a cap!