v. 4.0 and No New Levels for Troops, Spells, or Buildings?

How the hell did they release a version 4.0, and not give us a single new Troop, Spell, or Building upgrade?

You will see them very soon as i understand. And thats will be hell

Exactly, FTB told us that there would be an update that including new things in defense. I’m guessing there’ll be more upgrades with that update

Probably they wait 1 week to be sure everyone be at 4.0 before release the next update

Aren’t you in software development maerique? Never heard of a staggered rollout?

Well… They did say they had their hands full just programming the new Conquest mode…

So much that the AD videos are still not working properly…

I think this version should be stabilized first, before a “4.1” can bring in new content.

Yeah, I’d love to be on the payroll.  Instead they are just taking all my ideas for free.  ?

Didn’t everyone just argue that new levels are a bad thing?

I don’t think new levels are the problem so much as the buffs that were made for defense and the nerfs for offense

the others I don’t know but I have write it somewhere add always +1 level for each update its so stupid. They can just change stats of tower will make the same things. Now when a new players start they see the max level and quit the game. They don’t try. will take too much time. Not a smart move from Flare

I don’t think its complexe to just up the damage and HP of each towers without add new levels

New levels discourage new players because they see their personal “final point” shifted far and far away already from the beginning.

Anticipated objection: but there are the events!

Anticipated answer: Due to the idiotic implementation of the events, you can still miss one event in the not-so-unlikely occasion of starting an upgrade before knowing about the coming event, OR you can waste days waiting for an event to start (e.g. blacksmith event and item perks which need 8 days to cooldown…idiotic, I told you).

From a free-players: I needed 2 years to be able to compete with the top players, and I have still to invest a looooot of pearls to match their power (pearls = time). Considering the available workers, money needed, stuff to be upgraded, I will need at least additional 3 or even 4 months to max everything again. If we include future troops/spell/buildings updates we are easily going up to 6 months.

Will a new player start the game knowing that he/she will need from 2 to 3 years to be competitive? There are not many players used to such a long term commitment…


As a veteran player, I’m just going to quit if I have nothing to do.

Until this I had everything maxed out!

I understand where you’re coming from perfectly. But I have just barely managed to max a few towers so I hoped to improve everything else but NOPE! Now I need an additional 300-400 million gold (taking into accord lack of festivals and time wasted waiting for events) to get just those towers max again while the rest of the base sits and waits.

You’re looking to quit because you have nothing to do, I might quit because the proverbial Sisyphean boulder tumbled all the way to the bottom of the mountain again and I’m questioning if it’s even worth the bother. I’m already playing less and lest, mostly doing just wars, ninja and the occasional pro league. :slightly_frowning_face:

There really isn’t a good solution to this.



You can always wander aimlessly through the stupid conquest map!

I don’t know why I even give them ideas!

They don’t pay me and they always do them so badly!