V2.8 helena bug

Helena casts beauty and i have had her and a warrior circle around each other and no progrss is made


Follow up - Zeus01 explains it correctly.  Helena and opponent circle each other.  You have to take control to release this circling and move the characters forward. This will stop when the opponent reverts to un-glamour state and starts attacking Helena.


Can you be a bit more specific about what you mean exactly by “a warrior circle”? Helen’s beauty doesn’t always convert the units, there is a percentage of chance for the power to convert the units.

The higher is the level of the power, the more chances you have to convert the units and the longer the conversion lasts.

I think i got the same issue but with Hydra, it happened to me twice when i was on autoplay. When Helen turned the enemy’s Hydra into my troops, seems like Helen and hydra were stuck to one another, i had to play manually to sepepate them. I dont know what happened before they got stuck to one another since i was using autoplay.

hey Alysea, i just uploaded the video, please watch to see if this is normal, i actually had to record the video multiple times to have this happened. They were stuck to one another longer when i did battles, and had to seperate them by playing manually.


why the graphics are disturbed with the update??

Zeus01 video shows it - thanks.

I have only had it happen with the Warrior but like him I need to take over manually to move Helena forward.