v5.0 medal bug?

So I was running some raids via the random matchmaker with medal gear on and I noticed that I wasn’t getting the expected amount of medals.

Since the medal amount was green in every single A-D slot, I figured I would create a new item set © with no pro item (so no medal bonus from the pro items).

This is the pre-battle screen with item set C (no pro item, no medal boost item):


Then I changed to my regular medal boost set (D):


My medal boost set (D), with 46.1% + 5%, for a total of 51.1%:

996 x 1,511 = 1505 medals

I’m in the top100 right now and this is a random matchmaker raid, so that’s another 25% medal boost.

1505 x 1,25 = 1881 medals

However, it’s not adding up to that.


I decided to run a new test against the same player, via player search (no random matchmaker): 2.jpg

And, again, I switched from C to D (46.1% + 5% = 51.1%) before attacking:


987 x 1,511 = 1491 medals — it’s correct!


You’re counting it wrongly.


The 25% bonus is in addition to what you have, not multiplicative of it.


You have 51.1%. So your bonus would be 51.1% + 25% instead.


996 * 176.1% = 1753.9


Rounded up, it’s 1754 medals.


The calculation is correct.


When it is supposed to be multiplicative of the sum, the game actually has a different way of telling you.


For example, when the game says 200% xp, it means in addition to the bonus you have. If you equip a 250% xp gear, you will be getting 450% bonus. However, when there’s certain event that says you are getting x2 XP, then it will be multiplicative. Your 250% xp gear times 2 will be 500% instead.


There were occasions where the event coincide with bonus xp war too. In this case, you add the percentage first, THEN multiply the sum.


TLDR version : only multiply the total bonus when the game says x2 or x3 or x4. If it is percentage, then you add on to the existing bonus percentage you have.

Got it!
I thought all the medal bonus would multiply.

Always learning. ?