Vahalla. one of the top 25 alliance is recruiting!

We are recruiting !!! Vahalla is one of the top alliance in Royal Revolt 2. more than 40% gold boost and growing quickly.


We have 2 empty spots now for an active player and daily donor. any player who is Level 70+ and alliance level 8+ and 3000 trophies+ is welcome to join! just write your in game name here and we will send you an invite. Hurry up! few spots left


sorry the alliance is full now :confused:


Sorry, you don’t match the minimum requirements :confused:

We have 1 empty spot now! whoever is interested hurry up!

We have 1 empty slot, and are accepting requests to join.


Ask if you meet the criteria in the original message (at top) please.


We are a friendly alliance and help each other.


There is never any requirement to spend real cash to donate, although we do appreciate those who choose to donate big lump sums of gold :slight_smile:

As Khalsa Blade mentioned, we have empty spot now. and also we NEVER kick an active member from the alliance so don’t be afraid from being kicked to be replaced by another player as long as you are active :slight_smile:


sorry, you don’t meet the minimum requirements :confused:

Yes, any member who is active and meets the minimum requirements above, is NEVER kicked.

we are recruiting again! please leave a comment here with your in game name to add you if you meet the requirements