Value for “Luck” perk in hero statistics panel wrong

The value for “Luck” perk in hero statistics panel is given as the sum of all luck perks used, or ∑pi where pi are the individual luck perks.

However, in this great post developer Lisa described the maths and how luck perk works:

It is also describes how the effects of multiple individual luck perks are combined: When you have multiple luck perks pi, together they have the same effect as a single luck perk with the value p=1-∏(1-pi).

Please fix the value in the hero statistics panel to match the correct combined luck perk value. The sum that is now shown is useless and misleading. For example, when you have 2 luck perks with 10%, the panel now shows 20%. The correct value is 1-(1-0.1)*(1-0.1) = 0.19 = 19% .


Update: This issue has been fixed with the following update:




I still don’t understand what the number means. There is a 75% chance of getting an item in the first chest, and my combined luck says 70%. Is that a 70% improvement of the 75% chance of getting an item, or 70% reduction in the 25% chance of getting a skull? 

The number is confusing, and could easily just be the odds of getting an item. 

just when we almost understood the percentage luck…bam, they change it :slight_smile:


They can’t give one number for the odds of getting an item, because that differs for each chest, depending upon if it is the first chest, or how many chests you’ve already opened and traps hit.

They use the probability that you hit a skull trap, and a luck perk of 0% means that you get exactly the base probability for each chest in the sequence. Any higher luck perk reduces the probability to hit a skull trap by a factor of (1-p), where p is the luck perk in use.

In your example, the base chances to hit a trap in the first chest is 25%, with 70% luck perk you get a chance for a trap as 0.25*(1-0.70)=0.075=7.5%. So you can get an item in the remaining 100%-7.5%=92.5% of all tries.

Just need to confirm how the pro luck bonus is added along with the usual luck bonus.