Vampire Piggy Hunter ver 2.0


April is almost over, May is next and soon July. July for me will mark my first Anniversary playing RR2

I started playing as a non Alliance member; I then tried to create my own (no one joined) :slight_smile:  then I joined an Alliance a friend was in.

That Alliance was level 25 when I joined, it was level 35 when I left. The Players, Generals, Leader were all great. However it was a German Alliance and I speak English.

Even with the language barrier they promoted me to General. And then my friends who I joined to play with quit the Alliance to go to another; then strangely the Leader quits,

gives me the Alliance, and then almost the entire Alliance quits so we are no longer able to do Conquests or Alliance Wars. (yes as you can see I am an inspire ring  leader ) LOL

I then joined an Alliance with a 61/61 membership, and in that Alliance players joined and quit and some were kicked on a daily basis. it was like watching a Game of Thrones episode.

The worst thing in this Alliance was that no one wants to participate in events. for the past 3 days of this current War season over 50% did not fight once; as a result you do not win that way.

so what to do?.. well being in an Alliance with a full membership that gets no Boosts because no one plays, is pretty much the same as being the only member of an Alliance which can not participate 

in any events because it has too few members. so I am reforming my Alliance Vampire Piggy Hunter (ver 2.0)

here then is the information for this Alliance:


Vampire Piggy Hunter is a level 1 Alliance with 1/3 membership

it is an invite only Alliance, I am from Canada so the nationality of the Alliance is Canadian (players from any and all countries are welcome)

Players of any level can join; there is no restrictions on Alliance Tower level, or gold donations per day.

VPH is looking for quality players and not quantity, I want friendly people who like playing the game and socializing.

The Current Long Range goal of Vampire Piggy Hunter is to increase the membership to 2/3 :slight_smile:


If you are interested in joining this Alliance please post in this Topic, or friend me in game and we can get to no one another.

Vampire Piggy Hunter is NOT for players with delusions of being the next Flothaboss it is just for people who like mashing what ever button lights up first and hoping for the best.