Vampire Piggy Hunter

The Vampire Piggy’s are Back! Do You have what it takes to Vanquish them?

Vampire Piggy Hunter is looking for Active; Social players; looking to be in a friendly, casual Alliance.

The Alliance is currently level 4 and has a roster for 9 members. Vampire Piggy Hunter is recruiting quality members, not Quantity.

Membership is Invite Only, so please friend me in game so we can get to know each other; or post reply’s in this Topic.


Love the name!! Hope you can get some members and grow this alliance quickly, even though right now the best decision is probably to join an alliance that is already on it’s feet, I always love to see a player trying to start his own alliance!

the Alliance now is level 5 and can have 10 members, I also am also just at lvl 60; I intend to be playing this game for quite some time, so I am patient.

as most things I do in life; it is the journey and not the destination. :slight_smile:

Vampire Piggy Hunter now a level 6 Alliance with room for 11 members (10 because I make the 11th)

LOL,  and this is just me; imagine how far this Alliance could go with a couple of Generals and some Soldiers. :wink:

Friend me in game, Apply to be a member; or talk to me in this thread.

AwesomestKnightest said he might join; and well he is AWESOMEST!

so fight those Vampire Piggy’s!

Other than AwesomestKnightest, I am not sure if any RR2 players have read this topic,

I just wanted to explain what the Alliance’s message means.

looking for “social” players, by this I mean, players who accept Friends requests. I could have 10 players join this Alliance however if all of them choose to not accept Friends requests, well then how do you talk to them?

looking for “active” players, by this I mean I do not want Alliance members to play RR2 24-7 365 days a year; I just want players who play RR2. There is a big difference between a player who can only play for 1 hour per day, 7 days a week; and a players who plays 1 hour every 7 days.

and finally looking for “casual” players to play in a casual Alliance; by this I mean, not in an Alliance which is going to tell you, how to arrange your castles defenses, what pet pal you have to use, what gear you have to equip; and how many hours you have to play. Vampire Piggy Hunter is old school; simply mash your keyboard and hit whatever button lights up first, and hope for the best :wink:  

Sinister Eggplant.jpg

I’m not really playing the game right now and will not do any war, ninja or conquest. But I’m logging in to collect my daily gem chest. If you’re interested I can donate daily as a solider. 

If you are willing to do this, then I will accept you as a soldier in this Alliance.

And should you want to do more, well when or if the time comes that is up to you.

I have no plans for this Alliance, currently I am just happy to play.

All those end game things like Conquest/Alliance Wars etc…

maybe down the road, who knows.

Vampire Piggy Hunter now a level 7 Alliance

12 members (still me however an Army of One)

Vampire Piggy Hunter now LvL 8 with only one member.

Think what we could do, if it only had two.

12 empty spots available :wink:


Vampire Piggy Hunter is now a LvL 9 Alliance, 1/14 members; still just me :wink:

Invite too many members so that a few may join. A good name, you have found. Just be confident and never lose hope (like me).

VPH is now a LvL 10 Alliance with membership 1/15 should I get a full roster,

the next Conquest and even Alliance Wars and other events might be possible.

Membership is now set to Open; and RR2 players, you can come join this Alliance 

and later quit if you like; there are no expectations of you except that you be an active player.

Donations I leave up to you; they are good but not expected. Play as you like, be social to fellow Alliance Members

and be reasonably active (as if you join and go inactive I will remove you from this Alliance)


Well, why dont you just join an existing alliance? You see yourself, it is really heavy to find members - and we are not talking about active, loyal members here …

Let him do. He is doing a great work. I was also doing that one day. Then, I got my new strategy invented.

at the urging of many of my friends in alliances who play RR2 I quit VPH and joined Das Seelengrab.

it translates: The Soul Grave which is Spooky & Sinister enough for me :slight_smile:  so this thread is pretty much dead.