Vanity Slot doesn't appear when activated

I just activated the Vanity Slot Token and I didn’t receive the Vanity Slot. I closed the game and logged back in, but it still isn’t there. Please fix this and give me some time back on my Vanity Token

I have the same problem with windows 10 mobile. (nick: Davide il lucente)

Hi @AwesomestKnightest,

Does the issue still occur or is your Vanity Slot working now?

Hi @Sasch, the issue is still current for me. To help you out, I play on a Windows 10 Laptop. I believe the reason it does not work is because the Vanity Slot, up until now, has only been available on mobile devices in the kingdom subscription. Please fix this, more than 24 hours has already been wasted on that token

Hey AwesomestKnightest,

As you may have seen we looked into the issue and indeed, you were right. The Vanity Token is not working correctly on Windows.

As Madlen has mentioned please contact the Customer Support for compensation:



@Sasch, are you guys working on this? I don’t even see a “in review” tag on this topic. More than 2 days have already come off this token and gone to waste. Fix this now!