"vanity slot”Selling vanity slots with gems and invitations produces good results.

My clothes are always fixed when I arrange effects and skull equipment. It is often worn even if it is sold as a set.


"vanity slot”

I know this existence, but I would like to feel free to make it easier for anyone to enjoy the vanity slot.

It is not only people of the year who can take a credit card and contract this. Many people can not make a monthly contract. (Especially those who play this game on a PC)

Flare can be easily obtained by a child by selling it on a gem with a unit slot or magic slot,

selling it as an invitation ticket, or putting it on a starter kit offer.


Just put it in the palace of every active user. The motivation to equip the users is activated. People who can play well with both collection and effects will increase explosively. First give everyone this fun to wear and play.

I would pay a high one time gem fee to open up the vanity slot.  But they’re never going to get a monthly fee out of me for it.

Yes, I do not want to think about monthly payments.

I just want to collect what I like in the game avatars, change clothes and fight.

To borrow this function from this RR2
・ I need to port the game to a smartphone first.
・ I need to use a credit card.
・ It is necessary to do monthly contract ・ automatic withdrawal “1100 yen” from there.

Why are the hurdles so expensive to make your avatars so useful?
The 16-year-old can not hold his own credit card.

Pro subscriptions should strengthen the professional league related services. Add a purchased ticket. make it easy to distribute to allies. Put on a crystal of added value.

But I do not know the reason to set the vanity slot here …”Pro subscription”
Even if the one that “improves the user’s desire to buy an avatar” has such a high hurdle rental fee …
On the contrary, I would like to hear flares if I do not want to sell the avatar to the user.

If it’s a game that lets you enjoy Avatar collection
・ It is easy to increase the stock slot
・ To make the costume easy to use anytime

It’s important that everyone who visits your profile sees a nice avatar of your choice.

It’s something everyone wants to see in their friends’ nice costumes.

i lots of players will be interested if we have a chance to have vanity slots for 500 gems for a duration of 1 week. Prolong cost 500 gems for another weeks and so on… A lots of players have all maxed so they can use gems on something interesting

Just to be clear I’d make a 1 time payment of maybe 1500 gems, but I’d never pay 500 a week for it!











English please.


I forgot my last check and left here.

Thank you for making me aware.

For example, to express the personality of your own king or queen, collect avatars, change clothes, and put them in screenshots.
For example, it shows a sense of solidarity in the same style as a friend.

I want to keep it for a long time so that everyone can see it. I think that should be.

Collect avatars and purchase pallet slots to motivate them to expand their inventory.
This is nothing less than a game promotion.

Furthermore, with the addition of high hurdle credit card and high rental fee settings on this, I think that you should not let the user who is playing away the possibility of this game or give up the purchase.
Expensive double and triple exploitation here seem to kill chickens laying golden eggs.


Even if the combination of avatars is strange.
If the effect is excellent, you will most likely go to the game choosing it.

But who wants to love and take care of the incompetent kings and queens to express as avatars? The feeling will spread faster than the fire.

Even if you don’t spend money, you want it to be an element that can make you a satisfying king even if you change clothes.
Only when you do it will you want your king to have a nice costume.

A game that is reducing the player’s willingness in this way with a collection of avatar elements in the game, such as double or triple exploitation structure (inventory slot, pallet function, appearance rate from the strongest box)

it’s may be only RR2 . In what game is it so complicated to “collect and express avatars” so much?

First, when checking the opponent’s profile, when checking the member’s profile.
Hero LV, daily donations, defense, another important thing.
The sense of the avatar on that profile should broaden the elements that make you more attractive.