Variants defense!

Hi, dear friends! I have a new idea … Why not make slots of ready-made protection options, like equipment … A, B, C, D?! And change them in a tent. And in each slot to save different locations of towers and the geometry of the road.?:v:IGN: Pavelp ?

great idea, not new though - it has been suggested previously and … nothing.

Makes perfect sense! 

Great mock up!

Actually this is another feature that has been suggested a lot of times and nothing has happened yet.

It is true. 

I suggested it like 2 years ago, and even then I’d seen two others already suggest it! 

They won’t do it, since then you can use different towers plus obstacles. And… Then you could use one or more of them to buld new towers or obstacles. Now you need to weaken your defense and replace a tower for example to buld one of different type.

I like the idea, but don’t expect flare to introduce this for that reason.

Then definitely Flare needs to apply this idea, since I’m not the first one to offer it! So it is necessary for the players, because it is very convenient to change the defense. I think many players would say Flare: - “Thank you very much!” for implementing this idea!??

‘‘cough’’ ‘‘cough’’ Olympus Rising. I have nothing to add more.

When they realize the side effect of adding multiple design ‘wardrobes’ for bases, I bet they won’t implement it. I don’t play OR and since we talk here about RR2, I think that has nothing to do with it. Nice that it’s possible there, but I see it as a mistake of developers. Can you start to build new towers on map B while map A is active? Since I don’t play OR, I don’t know if that’s possible or not.

Assume it’s possible. Current situation is that they can get gems from players speeding up an upgrade of defensive structures, since during war season, you don’t want low level towers and obstacles in your base. So enough cash is flowing from that inside their pockets. 

When there are multiple base designs possible, what would prevent me to abuse one of them to create a complete set of new towers and even forge them. That would be no problem in that case, since I would keep the other design active.

In fact, I would buy a few more workers when that would be allowed! And I think I am not the only one who would abuse this feature. 

For me it would be great, then I could start to put my workers back to work and create for example a complete set of Lightning towers, heal towers and so on, without weakening my base. I could even forge the new towers, till they are good enough to replace other towers. And… of course I could go on with other towers and obstacles. 

Want a set of jester boxes, no problem, just build them in that practice design. On actual base they aren’t available.

If they implement it, I want to see what is allowed first, before I start to become optimistic.  

@Dena4 I have no clue why you have fear or think about negative part and can’t be implemented or can be so bad in RR2. Its the same thing like in Olympus Rising. You choose to build your stuffs for 1,2,3 is A,B,C and build many preset build. If off War you choose (1) then you upgrade (1)Towers and if during Alliance Wars you want to choose (2) then you switch that all. No abuse or nothing. The game its really easy since this was added in version 3.1.0

Here its the same in RR2. You will have A,B,C If you want only to use (A) then choose (A) and nothing else but for the one who want to switch and use different preset then can use (A) off war (B) during Alliance Wars for 1-2 days and to fool them use © to stop them

What you forge in (A) by example will be the same for (B) © the same tower levels and forge

Trust me if we can have that in RR2. You will cry of happyness how easy,simple and how this will make the game so much more fun

Edit : Sadly I don’t have anymore my video about this from OR so I cannot show you how that work but I can try to explain it in details

Step 1 : since Level 1 to level 80 you have use the same base design. Version 4.0.0 arrive and the multiple preset come to the game. After you have A,B,C and D

what you have build in (A) is what you have build since day 1. After if you switch to B and C will be empty. You build your path and towers in (B) you switch and create a another layout for ©

Of course when you upgrade towers be careful not chose a preset you don’t use because you can upgrade towers for 1 preset at a time.

Off War you use (A) later the Alliance Wars start and you change for (B) that will change nothing because the towers will have the same levels and forge just your path and towers will change

Its hard to explain carefully like that but I hope will help people to understand how that works

Ok, so there you can use one set to build, another one to defend, another for war or whatever. Sounds good to me. 

exactly. once you have build different layout after you can switch between them like you want

Found it what I looking for :

this video will show you what Defensive layouts look like

Or at least let us drag all the pieces off the board in one step and to reset them back as before would help.