Variety of Hidden Bombs !!!

I put some effort to write this, even use translator to make sure my words are easily understand because my English is not very good sometimes haha.I hope developer will consider something like this.I saw the elite boost thing and I thought that adding more elite boost is just not right for the game’s growth.


Suggestion : Variety of hidden bombs on the path


Type of bomb : Fire bomb , ice bomb , skull bomb , poison bomb , shock bomb and black hole (all bomb have 3 levels and 1.0 range except for shock bomb that dont need range)


Fire bomb : deal fire damage and mini explosion when activated


Ice bomb : completely freeze enemy troops and king in range for up to 3 seconds


Skull bomb : explode and kill all enemy troops dealing damage to king


Poison bomb : poison the troops and king , can penetrate through shield unlike snake tower poison cloud


Shock bomb : shock the king (king can still move and fight with his weapon) but he is disabled from using spells and troop spawning for 3-5 seconds 


Black hole : take enemy king 3-5 tiles back from the place black hole was activated


Each player can only use 3 bombs at a time , one of each type.Each bomb have limited usage time (5 days) and will expire and go into cooldown (also 5 days cooldown).After cooldown period , player need to create the bomb again using gold (10m for level 1 , 11m for level 2 and 12m for level 3)


Bombs can be placed anywhere on the path , one tile can only have one bomb.All bombs are hidden from the enemies.


Unlocking bombs :


Level 80 - Fire bomb 1

Level 81 - Ice bomb 1

Level 82 - Poison bomb 1

Level 83 - Skull bomb 1

Level 85 - Shock bomb 1

Level 88 - Black hole 1

Level 89 - Fire bomb 2

Level 90 - Ice bomb 2

Level 91 - Poison bomb 2

Level 94 - Skull bomb 2

Level 95 - Shock bomb 2

Level 97 - Black hole 2

Level 99 - Fire bomb 3

Level 100 - Ice bomb 3

Level 101 - Poison bomb 3

Level 103 - Skull bomb 3

Level 105 - Shock bomb 3

Level 110 - Black hole 3


Bomb levels shown in the inventor’s workshop


I think this will bring some challenge and variety to the game especially high level raids which some people think to be way too easy now.Bomb levels unlock by king levels to give level up some extra benefit.It cost gold can that be gained completely free unlike elite boost where alliance need some extra donation to pay for them.


I think it is about time Flaregames introduce something useful that doesn’t cost money once again, alliance and elite boost + champions/shield feature have been all about money so far.


Any feedback are welcome :slight_smile:

Oo good high level player

Thats what i need

Nice idea.

Bombs concept can be used by king in offence like throwing bombs into choke points and kill enemy troops. In defence they can place bombs in path so that they will explode similar to traps.

very creative. the most interesting suggestion i have seen i like it a lot

Strange man likes it

GREAT idea bro…i like this concept…but we need this bomb power i both offense and defense … :slight_smile:

Seriously?good idea?