Various bugs / presentation issues / suggestions

Hi guys. I hate opening too many topics, so I have been gathering some stuff that i feel should be fixed.

My main device is an Ipad 6th gen, IOS 12.

I decided to post today, because one of the bugs got worst and it annoys me a lot. It is the issue with maxing out items. Especially when you are opening item chests (or chests that contain items), the system always 100% gets confused and logs you out of the game on the full mark. It sometimes happens on raid chests, but it usually asks you to buy an item slot (it has gotten much better lately - rarely crash). When you are opening a lot of items, it looses “control” so it doesnt even ask you to increase the item capacity. Just logs out.

The worst thing about it lately, is that you lose items. Its happened to me 3 times in the last 2 days, and just a while ago i lost a green cursed ring. Thats the reason I buy chests… you can imagine my frustration when I could not find the item in my inventory or in the chest. I think some have reported this issue before. It usually holds the items in the chest, so what happens, you logged on back on, buy slots or sell/forge and continue “opening” the chest. You see the “exact” items again, that you saw when it crashed and logged you out. Please check it out, it always happens (the crash - log out) on the mark of last filled item slot. So when you get full and cant hold anymore.

  1. Suggestion

When I am at the alliance messages and hit back, it takes me to the chat messages again. It would be better imho if, it takes you back to where you were, so you can check those messages. Mostly, the unique items for example or if I want to continue scrolling from the messages I was reading.

  1. presentational and minor bug

When you raid with full or close to full cash, the end win screen shows a minus of the raid cash, that goes to zero. It shouldn’t. When you are also less than max cash but close to it say 500k with the raid being 300k cash, it really messes up the math on the win screen… I think it gives you a bit less gold… when you are 200k from max, and raid 300k or 210k+ then in the win screen it shows you got zero cash, where it should either say the max you could or the 300k of the raid (naturally it wont give you 300k if it can’t hold it).

So just before you get full, you get less gold (I think it has something to do with the raid chests)
And when you are full or full after the raid gold, the presentation is wrong.

  1. Suggestion

When you are close to max on a resource, and you open a chest, if you max that resource from the chest, then you lose all resources from that chest of that type as it doesn’t recognize you maxed. If you open chests when a resource is maxed, you do not get that type of resource. This is the opposite of max item slots. It warns you that you can hold it… resources are different, but I dont think people should get penalized for this. If max out a resource, and still getting from that chest, it should not be giving me anymore of that resource (just as if I am maxed and then open a chest)
I know you can smart play this, and I do, but I feel its unfair or bad for new or lower level players… like you are 99% max on ambrosia and you get 500 ambrosia wasted from chests. Just give them cash/wisdom… at least.

  1. Bug

The ambrosia (perhaps other resources) that are shown on an island as a resource to get, are not always correct (same before latest version 5). I am sure about this, because when its border line, the game crashes.

So say I the incidaction is that the ambrosia of this island is now 22/260. When you collect it solely, where its a more certain calculation it may give you only 20-21. It could be a rounding issue, so thats fine, I have no problem on 1 ambrosia loss. BUT: the problem is, because of this, the game sometimes crashes.

So I want to attack an island, I have 200 ambrosia and I need 220 to travel/attack. I can see (from resources menu) that my ambrosia is around 22 extra if I collect it. When I try to attack and ambrosia is not enough, the game asks me to collect ambrosia (if there is not enough it will ask you to gem pay it). When I hit collect, it crashes and kicks me out of the game. This means it collected 19 ambrosia, therefore not enough to attack the island (219 instead of 220). Confirmation is when I log in, all ambrosia resources are zero, and I have 219. But the fact that it showed more and the crash is annoying. This is 100% confirmed, because if I need 50 and I have 47 it will ask you for a gem, I need 50 and I have 50 or more, it will auto collect (only ambrosia) and attack automatically. But when I need 50, and it thinks I have 50 (to be collected) but in fact for a bugged reason it collects only 49, game crashes.

  1. Suggestion

When a Tower is being upgraded, it cant be removed from the layout (even if it is placed on 2 layouts). Now, this is logical if its only on 1 layout. But the game should not restrict me from Changing it or forcing me to keep it in my layout. Generally its tweaky, you need to work around it, or you could end up with a level 1 tower in your layouts, until upgrade is finished.
I think if a tower is at least in an other layout, it can be removed from the other one or two. In fact, I dont necessarily think it should be “placed” to be upgraded, but thats a different discussion/Suggestion.

  1. Suggestion

Odyssey difficult reading when paid.

Currently, there is no indication what so ever, about the difficulty of Odysseys. It can be a level 150 with 25k wisdom cost and be a piece of cake. And a level 138 with 8k wisdom and be the hardest base you would ever face.
This can be a fact with in the same Odyssey of 5 islands. And it creates a HUGE problem when trying to attack with the honored hero. You can cruise one island, and then die 4 times at the same corner of another island, because of a very powerful single Iapetos or Hydra or Apollo tower. Nothing can save you there, during the battle… it has been forcing me to stop using even more honored heroes…

We need some kind of indication of that. Or the levels/wisdom should be more appropriately hinting to that. I dont see any harm in it actually… warning players of dangers?

  1. bug ?

When Artemis is setup as a GK, and you kill her fast, she doesnt spawn her unique power. Calling her stag. I think the stag should be called within a milisecond of the hero approaching her… it makes no sense to wait for troops or delay 5 seconds for it (and get killed). Is this a bug or intended?

  1. Suggested by Taquka, but I agree 100%

I would like to be able to lock an item from the screen when you are opening a chest. I am often opening many chests for forging and it would be a huge time saver to be able to lock the items I want to keep safe from forging right when I open them


Thanks for your time.


I’d like to add one more annoying bug.

When you press a power, right before you die with a hero, the power is not used, and when you are revived the power is no longer usable (CD state started). This is very sad, especially at tough corners, with a result of multiple deaths and frustration.

If you hit the power 1-2 seconds before you die, I think it does the proper damage. But if its In the very same second you die, it wont work. I don’t think this should work this way, If i blast a talos, then its going to do damage, it doesn’t matter if I died or not. I think its just a matter of the timing in this issue.

I also think, that the invos, once you have used them, should be working regardless if you die. Same logic as above. This of course is just an opinion. But think about it, people pay gems, and might just die the second after they press it. It doesn’t make that sense to me. It’s actually causing me not to use them if I am going to die, and if I make it out alive, I wont use the invos at all (so loss of gems used).



I know what you are talking about. On the other side it’s the same thing: if you destroy an Iapetos and the fire ring was already unleashed, when the tower collapses the fire ring disappears.

I’d also like to see it to be fixed, but I don’t think that it’s that easy since it involves animations. The problem is everywhere: a unit which enters the Pheme area after Pheme was casted won’t be stunned. Literally everything “over time”.


The tower is completely destroyed, I get a revive. Let me repeat the thought process, because it’s not the same thing at all.

  1. If you charge the talos, before you die, it does the damage, even if you die. So that’s different than the tower, although understandable comparison.
  2. If you charge the talos the same “time” you die or better yet, miliseconds before, it doesn’t do the damage AND you have to wait CD.
  3. If you still want the power “to gets lost” when you die, you have to reverse all the other hero powers as well, but again, it doesn’t even gets charged to begin with.

So like I said, if its not used, I should be allowed to use it after the revive, or else it should be used (it makes almost no difference to the player). one or the other makes perfect sense. All it has to do, is “read” if it was used or not on death second, and reset the CD… or allow it to do the damage.

P.S. Actually i get this with Ajax… this week and last week. With the devour power. I hit the power, not used, die, then the power has CD… so in some cases, it makes a difference, but most importantly, I want to be able to use it.

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I personally am not bothered about the equiped spells, whether there’s any bug or not working as intended. My concerns are related to heroes like Ajax and Artemis that have built-in spells. As we have seen in other topics, they become vulnerable when we cast those spells, especially in choke points. The issue should have been fixed by now, you either die and have all spells reset when you revive the hero or the hero shall not become vulnerable when you cast those spells.


I think Dumpster suggested a long time ago these animations should be done at higher speed so that they are vulnerable for less time, that for me isn’t a bad solution. But invulnerability could be interesting if it was brief.


I think they should just eliminate them, or at least eliminate the lockout time. There’s no reason ajax can’t cast frenzy or devour in the middle of a whirlwind, and charge or shield slam could be used to cancel a WW. Artemis’ spells are no different


Hi @CaptainMorgan

I’d like to keep adding here if you dont mind. Small stuff, I dont want to make a new topic everytime.

  1. The war heroes are shifted an island when war starts. All 3 of them, since last war. Like heroes do after 3 attacks if I am not mistaken. I believe this shouldnt be happening.

  2. The GK, has an indication of the resistances you will encounter. However, If I am not mistaken this indicates ONLY suit 1, so if you select your 3 suit for a GK, the resistances displayed will be for suit 1.

Now I actually value this as an extra complication to make Gk harder. So I am not against it. However as it is now, its a bug or glitched and it is missleading. I would fix it, or remove the display completely.

I do like this idea however for those “new modes” we had suggested. Like the revenge or the global battle war and such.

  1. the result of the war screens at the end of war, are always wrong. Showing usually 0 (0) torches won/lost no matter the resul

Sometimes it displays other, also wrong, torch counts.

Yeah my war heroes also moved this war too while some of my teammates told me their war heroes didn’t move.
So I am sure this is a bug.

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I like this idea. I would also like to add another suggestion though for locked items, and that is to have a tab where I can view all locked items. It’s easy (for me at least) to lose track of a locked item if I’m not actively forging it so to be able to view them all would be a huge help.


Yes, it is absolutely fine to keep adding here, we have checked the first batch and they are in our system, though that doesn’t always mean they will be fixed in the next version.


The regular map, is not changing up the opponents after a period of time, which you said was 24h. I have now noticed this on my mini account. It’s been more than 2 weeks with the same opponents, as I do not fight them. And it gets worst day by day, because I keep hitting the ones I want, and then the islands get repopulated but I have fewer targets everytime.

I suspect this is a huge problem with new players, who might be weak, or just plain weaker than their current map, with this situation going on.

To add to this point, war heroes are changing island on regular map when war starts, GODS (Zeus/Hades) seem to be also changing islands, and at the same time occupy islands when the celestial runs out, while not being able to move them.

Thanks @CaptainMorgan


the guy from my alliance who brought my attention to this still has the other member of our alliance on his map. this is now about 4-5 weeks the case.
i observerd two guys on my map for over 2 weeks taking screens and reported it. there are lots of players that do not rotate. i also observed two of one alliance.

the devs are aware of it but they have troubles to reproduce and debug as far as i know. i do not put more time in that now, but ofc lower players do suffer from that. maybe it has also been part of the game a longer time and has just spreaded with the last update. or is part of the problem when some players could not log into the game after the update with their accounts. idk, but i hope they find the reason for this soon.

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One of the loading screens, says that the honored hero (Odysseys), cant participate in wars. That is now not the case and should be changed.

I am glad to see one tip, which says if you level up fast your heroes will be weak. Kudos, been trying to say that, but they don’t really believe it… its not as clear and not usual in games afaik.

I keep forgetting if there is one more mistake in those screens… will get back to that.

The LOH description, talks about units. It should be changed, it also works on structures, even the GK and the wall (as attacking hero). That was the ONLY reason I was not using it, back when I was building my heroes before 128 level. Its missleading, Maybe it was the fact when the game started, I don’t know, but it’s not so good for new players.


For test purpose, I didn’t fight a single battle during 24h. As a result, only 5 islands were regenerated with new opponents. The other 25 islands remained unchanged. In fact, I have at least 5 unchanged islands since October 11th (v5.2.0 Preparation server update), and that number is growing everyday to reach 25.

@CaptainMorgan Did you get any feedback from your QA team about this issue?


This has been mentioned to be fixed in the last update.

When exactly was your test?

it is not fixed. members reported that their oponents that they have on their map for weeks now still have not rotated. even of the own alliance. at least one has now kicked such a member from an island.


Thanks for letting us know that you’re still getting the issue. We will reopen it on our side.

hello everyone since update 5.3.3, the game does not start on the bluestacks platform. I tested on another android emulator like memuplayer and the result is the same. I reinstalled version 5.2.2 (last stable version), the game starts but it asks for the update (normal). Thanks for your help