Various graphical bloopery

See those sparks on the left? That used to be a boosted gargoyle tower and all that’s left are lava droplets dripping out of thin air. Pretty neat visual, tbh. :wink:

Is it me or are gargoyle’s nest boosts more prone to visual glitches than others (the other glitch being dead gargoyles slowly floating down or hanging in air if you freeze the tower at the exact right moment)?


I had another weird glitch in this map, when I was fighting a bomb tower by the gate and the camera freaked out and started zooming out with weird angles, but that’s besides the point.

Another bug that you can meet during ninja event is this:

Gargoyle Tower surrounded by the portal effect of the ninja gate.

Maybe the towers are actually in another dimension and are summonable by the witchdoctors or something. And that lava is from a crack in the time-space continuum.

or you might be on crack and seeing things

I’ve decided to add more here instead of making a new topic for every screenshot.

  1. Are you sure you’re digging in the right direction there, mate?

  1. I got this as announcement of the Uber Granny event the other day. Explains everything about the event, doesn’t it.

(btw the game DC’d the first time before I even got to this part)

Finally we know, why digging does take them so long!

@oPelle, that blue wave takes place in normal attacks too. It’s just a wave for the gargoyles to leave the boosted tower, I believe