Various Ideas for new Forms of Gameplay:

I have a lot of ideas, so I’m going to keep them all in one thread.

  1. Multiplayer Mode

Two paths, and two tents. For two players. Each player has their own path, complete with it’s own towers and barriers, plus a row of towers in the middle that both players can attack, in order to make it truly collaborative.

I would prefer for this to be more dungeon than normal. That way, you could include specific rewards, and shape the bases fairly so that it’s not one side doing all the work. I don’t know how you could connect people half the world, but I assume it would be easy to connect people via Bluetooth, which would then reward players who invite their IRL friends to RR2. You could have a final level for each monster, even. Or a new rank of items that can only be obtained through these means. There’s a lot you could do.

  1. Mini-maze mode!

With how many tiles we’re getting lately, I’ve been thinking, why can’t I create a path that goes off into nowhere? Some annoyingly long path that has a Firebolt at the end of it? Yes, obviously, you can view the map before you attack, but it’d still be nice to be able to throw a curve ball to those who aren’t paying attention [: Plus you could make it so the other players must go down multiple paths in order to get 100%, which adds yet another area of variety to the game, and an advantage to the defender.

The downside for the defender? Troops only come from the gate. So if you have less tiles leading up to the gate, you end up getting fewer waves per battle, which offsets the potential benefits of making the enemy run back and forth. But it would still add an endless array of opportunity and variety to the existing pathways.

  1. Diamond mode

I’ve mentioned this before, but the option to upgrade your Waves indefinitely, but the price doubles with each level. So whereas Lv.40 may be 12Mil, Lv.41 would be 24Mil. Just to give everyone something to do with their gold when they get way up there.

  1. Rush Mode

In Rush mode, you get an unlimited supply of time. No time limit. However, each consecutive wave, spawns 1sec sooner than the last! So you have to destroy the gate as soon as possible, or else you’ll get overwhelmed! This ups the difficulty, but also increases the time, and makes it so the battle’s momentum gradually shifts towards the defender, which tests people’s ability to keep their troops alive and to get them to the gate fast.

While I’m here, can I ask that, when a tower is surrounded by tiles on all sides, we be allowed to choose its orientation? I have a Firebolt that’s facing the wrong way, making it useless…

  1. About Multiplayer mode you can use Bluetooth if you have someone else in your house that play this game too, otherwise you can’t connect a player to another that live in another side of the world. For this you need a Host Server.

  2. For that you can play Subway Surfer  :wink:

And wait troops come always out from castle gate

  1. It takes  already over 1 year to upgrade all waves to 40 morale points and you want to put difficulties on do it? No please !


Already been asked by other players months ago as i remember, but yes, it’s a thing that allow everyone to create even more fantastic bases design !

  1. @oPelle: You just have me a great idea for a mini game xD A maze runner game where you’re being chased by 3 invincible Werewolves through a max, and you have to choose the right path xD Would test speed, resilience, and strength (if we have barricades placed throughout the maze =P). The servers could probably handle it because of the lack of units x) Numerous levels, more levels = more gold! xD

Oh good sometimes i’m useful for something to GIVE INSPIRATION 




Yes more gold but sometimes the matchmaking give some troubles, sometimes show few golds for many hours and i can’t do anything in the meantime ! gold like 10K or also 8K from enemies =/

Lol I mean this as like a dungeon-like event ^.^’ Like you have the dungeon, then you have the maze~ =P