Vault of hephaestus screen is skipped with 90% completion

Hi @CaptainMorgan and Olympus Rising developers,

after the recent server maintenance which brought the new feature of gate keeper having a 10% role in attack completion i faced this bug

i made a player 90% successfully and the victory screen which shows the gold and trophy won came up, after that i tapped on continue, but instead of vault of hephaestus screen to show up and get the chests i was directly taken to main screen of game which has olympus mount with the heroes in it, (not disconnected or anything just like what happens after vault of hephaestus screen is done or when you retreat!!! a battle)
so yeah with 90% completion my vault of hephaestus was just skipped as if you would have retreated the battle!

i don’t think this too was an intended feature so i came here to report it as a bug , i believe whatever has caused this is related to recent server maintenance because in 3 years this is the first time i see it happening ,

thank you for reading and looking this up when you can :pray:

Edit: the problem seems fixed now, i tried some more maps to make 90% and vault is showing up now so unless someone else is seeing this happening i think issue no longer exists,

Thanks for bringing us this issue. It can occur that if you win a battle with exactly 0s left, the Vault does not appear. This is an old issue which we have tried to fix several times and now is much rarer than before. We will still try to fix this issue, but it may have been what you experienced.