Vein of Gold XXVII Dungeon Guide


I finished this on my fourth try. 2 times got 25% with Fritz. The other two were 65% (dying at the gate with 5 seconds remaining) with Tammy, and then the video above!

Better than me lol. I think its this one i have do in 6 try or more. Over 3000 foods waste, many vouchers,gems,etc…

I’m waiting for your video on Vein of Gold XXVIII, please.  

That one is kicking my a$$. 

Got to the gate and would’ve won with 5 more seconds the last time I tried it, Boatie, but unfortunately I am unable to access my laptop atm and so I cannot make videos. With the lack of fun stuff from flare there really hasn’t been anything to make videos on lately. I apologize for long waits in-between videos. Was also getting really good at Fortnite and was gonna take my videos to the next level by having Fortnite on my channel

You apologize way too much.  Thank you, but entirely unnecessary–I’m the one asking for a favor.  

I can’t get around that top U-Turn.  I meat the beast there, and all those fire towers, and I get cooked.  Even with using scrolls.  

If you have ceres then use KOW with toxic cloud (slowdown forged) blizzard and sheild. And try to have atleast 7.7k blizzard damage with perks and use insta canons on top left side (after that u turn) they will help you with beast. 

i did that vein today with monks + cannons + insta wolf + kaiser at second attempt using sword rain firestorm and blizzard and i didnt noticed there is a beast lol :wink:

first run i had shild instead of sword rain and that was a bad option


Any thoughts on getting through VOG 28 with no boost and insta. Willing to use scrolls if need be. Thanks

with no boost and insta very hard but doable. You need maxed knight at +120 to compensate the lack of boost. You need maxed spells forged at +50 or more and powerful gear like Bucky Surprise well forged at +60 or Fire Aura Ring at +70,etc… I have do one of them with Knight,Mummy and Froster. Probably you need a lots of spells perk. If you can up your Sonic Blast at 12k damage or more will help. Of course 100% scream and if you can have at least 60% speed or more. With this you should be able to do it

PS : Can take a long long time again to have my video of each dungeon without boost but I will do this eventually. I advance when i have a chance