Vein of Gold XXVIII and the Howl Beast

It is utterly ridiculous how hard this dungeon has been designed to be. I am level 100 with far better king stats and troops than that level. The fact that flare has put a maxed (or very nearly maxed) Primal Howl Beast in this dungeon, as the first dungeon with a beast, is completely stupidity. Either take out beasts in the dungeons altogether, or take down them down a few levels. This is by far the hardest dungeon I’ve ever faced and I’ve been stuck on it for at least 6 months. The contrast in difficulty from Shapeshifter Hollow IV (the dungeon before) and this dungeon is too massive!

Yeah I gave it a shot a couple of months ago and concluded it’ll be better for my sanity and the wellbeing of my surroundings if I just leave it be for the time being. I’m not even sure if it’s about the howl or the ca. 30 gargoyles coming at you every five seconds…

Well all dungeons are beatable eventually but I agree they don’t progress very well. You’re stuck on one dungeon for a year and then beat the three following dungeons on the first attempt with a minute to spare. Not a good difficulty progression (unless some dungeons are designed to be roadblocks to keep you from finishing dungeons to quickly, which would be stewpied).

It’s possible they’re following the Candy Crush method. Fairly easy rounds and then you’re hit with either a hard level or a very hard level (Hard and Very Hard are literally the names of those rounds in candy crush btw ). Don’t agree with this method though, it doesn’t fit in a strategy game, the difficulty should progress not start and stop at random points

Once you get to the higher levels time warps are pretty much required be prepared they get much harder. If you don’t want to scroll you better have max level everything perked very high also.

Well, give it time, you will end up beating this dungeon easily. The first time you try it it’s normal, but this dungeon is the one that I’m using now when I go for leagues (and a lot of people) and I usually finish it with 45-60 seconds left. Try it using blizzard or fritz it the beast is the problem.

you are not ready for it yet, otherwise you just spend on some time warp, it help a lot.

?? you should check out other dungeons after that.Atleast, only beast is OP in that dungeon.

Try to use any upcoming war boost to clear that dungeon

time warp mummy is coming

How about that? I went in with the Time Warp Mummy and won!! Thanks for the reminder Lee, probably wouldn’t have even thought about using Mummy in the dungeon