Verats Is Recruiting

Verats is currently recruiting active and loyal members.

The requierement are the following:

Daily donation

Active in War

Be respectfull

At least 750 trophies

No hero level req

Plan to have perm boost in the future once alliance is stronger with active members who donate.

Thanks for reading the thread.

My Ign is Aramidis

Current members are 8/17. Got 9 space available.

13/17 Members now. Come join us!

15/17 Members. Only 2 more spot available. Come join us and win the next war!

14/17 Members at the moment. We need you. Must be active in war and donate atleast 20k daily. Have around 1k trophies. If you don’t meet a requirement then talk to me when can make little exception with a compromise from you.

15/17 getting ready for another war victory

17/18 Members. We are going to win 1st in this war. We make 20k Skulls per war day. Come join us for good boost. We have general spot opens. Must donate 20k daily and 1k trophies. If you dont then talk to me for exceptions. Fast growing alliance needs you. Soon will have 24/7 Blazing knights