Version 1.9.5: non-blacksmith changes

I think you changed the trophy algorithm aswell in this update. I feel losses agre bigger and you can no longer gain trophies without destroying the gate. Could you explain a bit?

Noticed that too… I am losing more trophies and not gaining any more with 2 crowns

I see people with 1000 medals… things that i never seen before (usually 600-700-800) lol

oPelle is right, I noticed that suddenly I can beat bases with even 700 medals, before that the max amount of medals a player on matchmaking gave me was 600, and they usually were too hard for me. 

About the trophie stuff: Once I attacked one of those guys who givess me 700 medals now, and I coudn’t destroy his gate, but I made it to the courtyard, in that raid I won 2 trophies.

Other changes:

-Gold on thir chest of CoF sometimes gives just half of the gold as before

-Too shiny light over the league statue in your kingdom, maybe this is a bug.

Another change following update appears to be that I no longer earn Gems when attacker uses Resuscitation! That is a distinct loss to me and, I assume, makes no difference to the attacker [who has still  paid in Gems].

Vertical align of buttons are not correct once you want to buy a Gold Shield in the Treasure Chamber.

Aether, please comment.




I have no info about it :confused: