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Hey everyone,


Here you can discuss about the Blacksmith!

You can find the official announcement here:


Please keep it focused on this feature only :grinning:

Do I read it correctly that you can spend pearls for an upgrade and that there will be a chance it fails how more often you upgrade it? Knowing the game mechanism, how more often you upgrade an item, how more expensive it will get. In the video they show us costs up to 375 pearls, and you are saying that we spend an equivalent of 3750 gems and that there is a high chance it will fail to upgrade?? You got to be kidding me on this part, right?

hahahahahahahahaaha lol i can’t say anything un till i get that update lets see it first  :ph34r:



The chance of the upgrade will highly depends on how many upgrades you already succeeded on this item.

Also, you can get pearls by melting items now, so you don’t have to spend gems for it.

Lol Aether, I know you work for Flare and must defend the inventions/milking cows, but you see how this works out too, right?


The first upgrade will be cheap and have a 95% succesrate (give or take). The chance it succeeds reduces every time you upgrade an item, and the cost to upgrade said item will increase. So for a later level, you would have to spend 375 pearls and have a 70% succesrate (probably less?). Of course you can get pearls for your sold gear (max 24 pearls for a legendary cape in the video), so lets say you would have to sell 12 legendary items (bad at math, I know 17 would be more accurate, but I’d like to give you some credit and think that items will go for way more than 24 pearls) to fulfill that upgrade (or have spent 3750 gems, I won’t leave that out, because I think that will be the main reason people get pearls together with chests). Only to see that the upgrade has failed?? That’s ridiculous.


I absolutely love the idea of the Blacksmith and the additional perks, but this is a feature that has to be dealt with.


P.S. I don’t notice the skull perk on your list, has that one been removed or won’t Flare pay any attention to it yet?


edit: I give you way more critisism than you deserve and focus mainly on the negatives and only shortly mention the positives, I know. But I hope you understand I really like Royal Revolt 2 since I’m playing it for 1,5 year already :grinning:

I was wondering if having legendary item directly we have less chance to get access to its next level uber item or if we start from bottom (standard) and going up and maybe once we reached the same status of legendary item we have more chance to get access to the uber item since we did more efforts to upgrade level per level than from a legendary item immediately, where the only difference is that 1 item has been built from zero instead the other is bought, won, etc.

This surely could be a punch in face if it is the second option.

Is this update will be relased in one day on all systems (ios, wp, android) or first android and ios and then wp?

I’m wondering about upgrade success rate too. Overall blacksmith looks cool, something new and fresh added to game will benefit us. Can’t say more until the update is live and we can test it. But yeah, it will suck that you  spend hundreds of pearls on nothing.



Actually, upgrading a legendary to Uber is much easier than starting with a normal item, as you will need less upgrades to reach the new rank.

Concerning the amount of pearls, you should be able to get more than 24 pearls per item, hopefully :grinning:

The video is an example, it doesn’t say it is the maximum you can get. The amount of pearls you can get depends on the cost of the item.


This update will be released on all platforms at the same time.

did you guys have not played any mmorpgs? getting items to upgrade weapon would sometimes take 2-3 months only to see the upgrade fail ^^ stop bitching around. you will get a lot of pearls and you dont even have to use legendarys you can use everything keeping the blacksmith always busy and you can also upgrade him making him work faster

Also short information:

To upgrade the forge, you just need gold, it works like other regular buildings :slight_smile:

the only thing we need to know when exactly within the next 2 weeks :wink:

but one thing may be important. will the blacksmith be able to work while we upgrade the building? unlike the farms and taverns if you know what i mean

Hehe, you will have more information in time :grinning:

But at least you know it is coming very soon!

I have a question about meltdown , it look like we have to use gems to unlock more meltdown slot , only 1 was given at frist , right ?

As Vester noted, I hope that skull bonus as a 2nd perk will never see the light of the day. 


Also, I would prefer to pay an even higher amount of pearls, but know for 100% that my upgrade is successful. Even a 95% chance of success when upgrading it’s not good for me. It will feel simply awful to spend precious pearls for nothing in case I’m damn unlucky.


As a customer, if I came to shop and paid something i would expect something in return, paying but not getting anything seems more like gambling or trickery to me, and I don’t really care if other MMORPGs do it. There’s a reason why I’m playing this game and not them!!!

What is needed is an “Overall Odds Of Winning” calculator in the play Instructions.


This would ans most of the confusion here and make all comfortable with the cost of upgrading. no matter what the actual cost may be.


Please provide us the aprox. % odds of success for each of the 15 star upgrades and a general idea of odds for the attempts after uber is done.


For an example of an odds calculator, check the back of any lotto ticket or rules to most any game of chance.

Anything electrical can be rigged just like the CoF without fail getting the lowest valued chest first so will I spend my near 1000 pearls on a gamble when Flare is a business trying to make money (not in a subtle way either) the answer is…no

ok heres my guess lolz


Upgrade success Odds:*


Black   100-86%

Green    80-67%

Blue       60-47%

Purple    40-27%

Gold        20- 7%

Uber     less than 7%


AM I warm?


*based on nothing :grinning:

Another problem is that you have to upgrade 3 times the same item to get access to the next level and maybe you fail all three time and yeah what good thing…

Also perks are given out randomly? So i pick a thing that i don’t need maybe a toxic cloud perk?  -_-

yes true if you got a perk you did not want that would be horrible!

from the video though, It look to me like you have some input on the perk.

like the wheel is being manipulated by the bellows? mini game?