Version 1.9.6: Daily Rewards: Discussion

Here you can discuss the upcoming update 1.9.6.

How is there 28 chests for 30 days? And it said a couple of days, the update wont be during the war surely?

Its about time daily rewards were brought in!

How much will be max alliance tower ?  Can we expect some fixes regarding Blacksmith ? Like not getting the same perk just  after removing it ?

I can’t wait for that new Level 12 Alliance Tower that will cost only 10 gems to upgrade. Ah. Good ol’ Flare, always looking out for the players. I remember when one time I was raiding HefidiTheTraitor’s base and I said to Flare, “Yo, this base is so tough! I can’t beat it even with 50 scrolls! Can you help me out?”


Then Flare, in its infinite pity, swept down from its high perch and took out all the enemy troops and replaced them with gems. I collected 10,000 gems in that one raid alone. (HefidiTheTraitor’s account was then suspended for 10 months, too.)


I looked for my 10,000 gems in my account, but a message popped up, saying, “These gems have been transferred to the blacksmith for reasons unknown.” Apparently, the Blacksmith said he needed more gems to increase his fail percentage.


I said to the Blacksmith, “Why do you need gems to do a worse job?”


He said, “What about me makes any sense at all?”


I said, “True, true.”


So I called up Flare and said, “What was that all about?” Klaas Kersting, the Flaregames CEO, said that he can’t help it. Flare opened up a Black Hole of Gems and he can’t close it. It’s gotten out of his control. He said, “The evil investors forced me to do it. You can’t stop them! No one can!” He turned away with his hands covering his weeping eyes, saying, “I tried my best! I tried! I love all of you players! I would die for you! But Greed Team 6 took over Flare’s investment arm! Our coffers mandated the Black Hole of Gems, and there’s no reversing it. ONLY YOU can break this vicious cycle, Mr. Adju. Tell the world that Greed Team 6 is out to eat all of their gems, and in turn all of their money! It’s not too late! It’s not too late!”


He then vanished into the shadows.


I was shocked. I had no idea. He said thousands of poor peasants around the world had been ready to stage a Revolt against Flare. 



The moral of the story : Don’t trust HefidiTheTraitor.



There is 28 chests for 30 days so if you miss two days, you still get all the chests.

I don’t have information concerning the cost of the alliance tower, and I am not aware of any changes regarding the Blacksmith :confused:

Hihi no word about the “Daily Gem Chests” that are on the pictures…

Are they also for free?

Makes sense

Not meaning to spoil anything, but knowing how Flare works you will be disappointed :grinning:



No, these ones are if you buy a monthly card for gems.

I don’t know the exact cost, but with it you can get 50 gems per day, and an additional amount of 200 gems at the moment you purchase it.

The cost should be lower than the cost of the smallest gems package.


Thats 1700 Gems for maybe 4€.

Could be a good update, Daily Rewards is something we are asking since long time ago, but of course they needed to mess it up…


  • From now on,  all Magic Chests will have a lifetime. After its lifetime has ended, a Magic Chest will vanish and the rewards that were inside will be lost.


Why the hell, Flare!? I don’t really mind about Daily Rewards chests having a date to expire, but War/Packages-Chests?!?! We fought/paid for those chests you can’t do that!  :angry:

A monthly card? Hmmm. Yes Vester I’m getting that feeling very much

how much gems it will cost to upgrade it to max level 

level 12 i mean

please less the cost of alliance tower because its to difficult to upgrade it or bring more quest of gems so we can upgrade alliance tower.Free Player did not upgrade alliance tower because its take high amount of gems or change the upgrade system of alliance tower from Gems to Gold so people can do it.  :slight_smile:

Flaregames, as far as I can understand, the point of the lifetimes for the chests is to keep players from saving up infinite numbers of chests. Am I right? However, there are other ways to limit the number of chests, and I think most players are not going to appreciate the lifetime approach (Darkerion is a fine example). :grinning:

I don’t know why it has been changed, though I will forward the feedback.

I think it is almost impossible to compensate the chests, as the support cannot give chests :confused:

No need to worry…i will tell u why they put life on chest…coz they must have seen the video on YouTube that u can save alot of cheats ND if u open them when u have full gold ND bread u will get pearls,gems,vouchers nd items only which majority gives pearls…players have earned 500+ pearls by opening chests which greedy flares catn digests so they r putting life…since no one can have full gold everytime they open the chest so they will get less ND less pearls ND that’s the only why this update is going live in less than 4 days -_-

I hope the new level for Alliance Tower does not cost twice the value of the previous level, since it won’t make twice the value of previous donation  <_<

As long as the lifetime for non-daily chests is 10d+ I’m oke with that. Having 100 chests might be a little much and I can see why Flare doens’t want that. But at least they have to give us a decent opportunity to fill our treasure chest to max before we open it.