Version 1.9.6: Daily Rewards!

Dear Kings & Queens,


In the spirit of the holiday season, we are happy to announce the addition of Daily Rewards! Everyday that you visit your Kingdom, you will receive a reward chest!  This New feature along with other changes and fixes will go live in the next few days with the 1.9.6 version update! For more detailed information about the Daily Rewards, additional changes, and bug fixes please review the following information.


Daily Rewards:

  • Every day you can get a reward just by logging in!
  • To get your reward, you have to open the new menu accessible by tapping the “Present icon” in the HUD (above the Alliance menu button): “Daily Rewards Menu”.

  • Those Daily Rewards always come in form of certain magic chests. They can be opened and collected in the Magic Chest Menu , in the same way as you can collect the War Reward Chests.
  • There are 28 Chests to collect in a period of 30 days. If you miss a day, you don’t skip the chest of this day, but you miss a day of that 30 days period.

  • Once this 30 days period is over , all uncollected rewards are lost and a new 30 days period with 28 new chests beings.
  • If you miss more than 2 days of collecting the Chests, you will not be able to collect all 28 Chests anymore.
  • Either way, there is always a free Magic Chest to collect every day!

  • For special dates (by example Christmas), there will be special Holiday Rewards.



Magic Chest lifetime:

  • From now on, all Magic Chests will have a lifetime. After its lifetime has ended, a Magic Chest will vanish and the rewards that were inside will be lost.
  • The lifetime of a Magic Chest differs from one chest-type to another.

  • All Magic Chests that you already have will get an initial lifetime which is longer than normal. However that still means you should collect your Magic Chests contents soon.

Bug Fixes:

  • Some players had a crash issue before, while or after entering the Chamber of Fortune. The fix should have eliminated the problem for the vast majority of players, but it might still happen to some. If this is the case, please tell us on the forums.
  • Some players could see a difference in the Hero stats values displayed when looked at in the Throne Room, or on their profile. This issue has been fixed and the stats are now displayed properly.
  • The bad resolution on iPhone 6s plus has been corrected.
  • Some players were not able to buy Package offers as the game crashed when they tried to do so. The issue should have been fixed.



The Alliance Tower has access to a new level! Upgrading it will let you donate 750,000 Gold every day!


Your Royal Revolt 2 Team

Additional information regarding the Chests lifetime:

  • All chests that have been collected prior to the update will have a lifetime of 28 days.
  • Future War Chests that are earned will have a lifetime of 14 days.
  • Daily Reward Chests have a lifetime of 2 days. You only need to login for these gifts.
  • Alliance Chests (the ones you receive if another member of your Alliance purchases Gems) have also a lifetime of 2 days.

This update will be released as soon as the current War Season is over, on Wednesday 16th December.