Version 2.0.0 - Happy Birthday Royal Revolt 2! - Discussion

Hello everyone,


Here you can discuss the new incoming update of Royal Revolt 2.

You can find the patchnotes here:

Can you tell us what we have to pay to boost the production of buildings?

And how does it affect blacksmith? I see it says melting time but will it also increase the pearls value from items we melt?

10 more slots for an alliance thats great but Aether i can see that alliance tower level 13 will take at least 10k gems if i am not wrong level 12 was taking 7500 gems not every player of this game is paying customer of course alliance will force them to upgrade alliance tower but expensive wars expensive black smith can free players keep up on top alliances any more ?  



Normally it should be 20 gems for a boost lasting 8 hours.

As far as I know, it should only reduce the time, not provide more currency.

if it increase the pearls count then most of the players will like to spend gems on it as Aether said 20 gems but also it will be reduce that will be great also yes it is a huge update a lot of work now for every player it will be fun   :slight_smile:

Will the alliance member ammount still stay the same at level 65?

Aether said 10 more levels of course 10 more slots too other donating billion of gold is a kind of waste tho :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, it should not add additional player slots.

I asked for confirmation regarding the price of the Alliance Tower, will keep you updated as soon as I know :grinning:

No video playback recording for windows? :confused: that’s frustating. Special present on 27’th seems interesting hope we get a lot of gems and pearls ^_^

Then Monday for sure :wink:

Question about the additional perks for troops, spells and defenses


It says that there will be additional perks, are we able to select them ourselves or will they appear at random like for items?

Or does this simply just refer to what we see in the video of example the wolf where u can choose to increase attack speed, howl range or hp? 



The cost for the new level of the Alliance Tower should be 8,000 gems.

Regarding the Perks, you will just be able to upgrade already existing ones. You do not get random ones.

For the boost, you will also be able to do it if you watch a video.

Does the food cost remain at 220 or that has also changed?



As far as I can see, there has been no changes regarding the food cost.

That’s good Aether,

So this update means to “go back to work” formula again.


Really looks like a massive update. 


Hope the gold will be around to get to those goals?

Is there an increase in no of tiles? Or it is still 29 tiles

Always 29, lvl 20 castle gate will give you +1 tower +1 obstacle

one problem, theres no gold in game!!! why ? because many have quit :slightly_frowning_face: