Version 2.1.0 for Windows

I just checked the Windows Store and Version 2.1.0 for Windows was available.

After updating I was able to get my 1st free extra chest by watching a Vungle video which is accessed by clicking on the present Icon and then checking the daily rewards.

EDIT: You can also boost the production of your Farms, Taverns & Blacksmith by watching Videos now. :slight_smile:


On Android and iOS the only differences are regarding Facebook connect/Facebook friends.

The Vungle videos are for Windows metro (PC and tablet) only.

They will come as soon as possible on Windows Phone.

Aether, can you please detail in which countries this Vungle provider works?

Cause I can see the functions well, but no content is available…


I have a PC but didn’t see the Vungle. What is wrong?


Normally it should be in all countries, I will check tomorrow morning if there are some restrictions.

Thanks Aether. No rush, I know you are loaded with work, have waited 2 years, can wait a little more. :slight_smile:

After clicking on the Purple production boost button of any Farm, Tavern or the Blacksmith instead of the only option of having to spend 20 gems to boost production you will also see a new icon that says “Free Boost” with a picture of a TV beside it. Clicking on this icon should open the Vungle player and the video should play automatically after which you can close the player by pressing the circle with X at the top- left corner.

As mentioned in my original post the is also a free Chest by watching a video in the “Daily Rewards” section.

hi i have window 8.1 in pc and i download the new update but nothing happend is all the same

I have windows phone I no I have to wait for vids n boost but why are the graphics change some are blurry and troops pics have change to just the weapons I prefered the old pics of troops and why is friends next to voucher bonanza blurry

some countries don’t have any video ads. it’s sais :" you have no offers at the moment. please try again later". so sad :slightly_frowning_face:



What about FB version?

for me hangs loading at ~95%

Nope nothing. I have Android and Windows too. Update is not there for. 

How to revert to previous version? -_-II

Didn’t get it in my windows 8… When I try to update it says no download in progress


I think you need to install and download more files to use the video ads in windows pc

Its to hard to make it work


vungle sdk

unity personal


its too hard you need to download big files

comback later no ads for now.

oh. i really want this boost