Version 2.1.0 Windowsphone

Okay, so yesterday was the compulsory update for windowsphone and most of us who delayed the update had to comply against our will to download the game with no new features. Yes, the size of the game is shown to be 66mb in the store but it cost me 250mb+ to download it and installed it. And even when the game finally opened it cost me 50+ Mb for no reason I couldn’t even do a single raid. Since the update I haven’t done a single raid and even if I open the game once cost me over 10mb of data (previously it was about 2-4 Mb per hour of gameplay). Not to mention the blurry picture quality of the game, removal of 3D structure from the troop academy, frequently disconnecting problems and this lag. 2 days ago I was mad for this game and now I don’t even want to launch it cost I know I wont be able to do any raid. Half of my teams uses windowsphone and they are facing the same problems. War is today I don’t know why did you blurred out the graphics if you meant to introduce lag into the gameplay, reducing the graphics quality should means smooth running of the game but we are getting exactly the opposite.

same here.they ruin everything. I am disappointed.

And graphics for android remains the same…