Version 2.2.0 - The end of RR2


The only reason that many of us are still playing for more than two years is because we really love this game and love our friends and happy with each moment we spent on this game.

We all see and understand the necessity of making money to Flaregames so the game continues and we are more than happy to contribute to this, but the recent acts of RR2 dev team is killing the soul of this great game, RR2 is a war game and it should be about having skill, but recently and by introducing skull perk, the game is shifting towards having money to win and not having skill to win,

The world of RR2 is highly competitive and many of us are willing to do anything to win, but THERE IS A LINE and now Flaregames had crossed it, with yesterday’s update here comes the Uber Chest which contains many great gear and many of us are willing to pay to get them,

BUT having skull perks on other than the usual places of belt, ring and cape is really outrageous and will start a feverish new hunger rush from only rich players to acquire skull perk on every gear they can get their hands on,

Everybody knows that in tough wars some teams win by very close skull count, so now whomever has more money to acquire those gear will win the war, not because they are more skilled team or having a legendary warriors but simply because they are richer, and this concept will kill all competition spirit between alliances.

For me and many veteran players we are facing two options: simply uninstall the game and get over with it, or go to mid-level alliance so we can enjoy the game without paying one dollar to FG,


The choice is yours Flaregames, either risk losing ur best players hence ur income (u already saw many veteran players leaving the game) or do something to bring the game back to become about skill and honest competition between teams.


Luay Victoia


Many players wanted to remove the skull perks entirely and its been expressed in so many threads.

Flare answers by introducing uber chests where you just throw money at them to get the p2w perk on every damn item there is.

Conclusion: Flare waves their middle finger at us and tries to squeeze out every little penny they can before the game is completely dead.

Writing long statements and doing nothing has never worked… skull perk on all items mostly affect top 4 alliance… we should not participate in war until FG change this… if we cant do that… no need to give false warning…

But i see some apo and rl players too already bought 5.1k chests… so before writing something here… we need to agree on something internally…

don’t destroy fun of this game.

The first time I tried this game, I absolutely loved it because of its nice gameplay. It requires micromanagement skills to control your king and army, requires macromanagement skills to develop your base effectively, requires strategic mind to setup your defense line. We had fun with our friends all the time, but now it has gone. Forever.

Now. We only need using scrolls like hell  or forging tough units to break a base, no need for micro skills. We only need to use gems and pearls like hell to create a hard base, no need for creative ideas like the old days. Wanna have a zap tower that hits from 100 miles away? Just spend money to forge it.

Skull perk is pure gold? Ok, so create more skull perk so people will drive a truck with full of money to Flaregames office.

Why not remove all those shitty skull perk? Why not give reward to players who finish a hard base without scrolls and with much time left?

From a retired player who spent quite a lot of time and money for this game.

v.2.2.0 : time to ‘abandon ship’

Why not give reward to players who finish a hard base without scrolls and with much time left?

Yeah , why ? like literally ,  why ? 

I am Lorde Asriel 3 in the game. Spent 38k gems and found no other item of skulls, the updates is not intended to improve the game, but only make the player spend more money. After this war I retire. Thx to all and It was a pleasure to play with you all over these 2.6 years. Good bye

The same happened to me once yesterday. Lost 61 trophies without gaining medals or gold for beating a base 100% with like 30s left. Thankfully it only happened once. Can you imagine this happening in a war raid?

i see bugs wherever, I see hungry player everywhre, I see Unhappy player everywhere on facebook, on group, on allience chat, event on forum almost not happy to receive the update  :slight_smile: . more update=more bugs, more update=more $$ to spend, more update=more retired  :stuck_out_tongue:  i see “GREEDY FLARE” in every sige thread  :wink: … my question is " how to make this game grow with bad testimony?" i Know review only playstore, and other store is epic. 4,5 satar :open_mouth: . but honestly who play game will not stay for along time: make us happy, make us love you Flare Game, so event without buying gems. we still send you donation. Dont Cheat Us with your promo, so we will not cheating your game. or destroy your server  :slight_smile: . plese don’t kill Royal Revolt 2 to make your boring games alive.

They have made this game a Money Milking Machine. Many players are least bothered about this issue and the introduction of new updates have sucked all the good out of this game. I strongly condemn this and I urge people to take a stand against FG for such tactics.

I suppprt this post. Flaregame is becoming greedier by their gem policy in Royal Revolt 2, this game is no more for less money paid users. You have to be rich to play this game :slight_smile: good bye royal revolt 2, had a good time :slight_smile: time to move on clash of clans.

add skulls items other items left the game boring. I hope that fix this, many players are thinking to leave the game because of that. only 3 items is enough.

i found something while searcing for vidio boost here it is  :lol:

now it uberchest come with a bit divverence but still the same becouse need to buy gems

totally agree , having money simply makes u unbeatable , whereas it should be SKILL which chooses the best…

I agree. But writing long statement don’t change anything sadly. The only way to face this situation is to act in the same way Flare treats us. If they ignore us we must ignore them too.

  1. Don’t buy any single gem,neither the gems month package

  2. Since this game is mainly concentrated at the top,those top players should start to take measures about this situation. But take serious measures not soft one.

Sadly,Flare Games will never listen to anyone. We,as community of this game,have the right to rebel. They are good at pretending,i have to say Flare is a good actors company.

Me as mid-level player i can only see this situation disappointed and upset unfortunately.

I call for help. Only top players (BUT I SAY ALL,NOT ONLY FEW OF THEM) can change this situation. We cannot remain impassive in the face of this serious problem. We must rebel. We are players of this wonderful game ruined by those who created this game. We have to stand together. We can’t give up.  


Oih! My predictions are being correct, its not 1 dollar though ITS MORE!!

Who cares? Me and few of my friends have already started packing our bags, we will leave by the end of the war season.

600 gems for 1 unknown Item? Really?! Who knows we might get toxic cloud there? Which free and below level 90 player will be able to buy that? None , Yes no one my friends - Its HOPELESS TO HOPE FROM FLARE .

And they finally brought me videos in my windows phone? Hurray!

Wait- Vungle Vids aren’t available in my country? And the video watching option is still grey in android?

So where do i get videos from?


I was going through Facebook, saw there that LORD ASRIEL spent 38k gems in one night after the update to get a skull perk item, but couldn’t find any( Lol Flare) , He says he will quit the game after the war , I can understand his mentality , anyone who spends so much money expects his items, While flare doesn’t give the rich so that he buys gems again


Maybe you mean the end of the old regime @ts , history taught us that the “storm” will cooldown pretty soon and players will mostly stay in some way and survived many torture flare thrown at them ^_^. Maybe this is what we need to see something new instead of boring VL/NA/RL/Apoc at the top? 

How many times have you and many top players say this kind of empty “threat” already ? You all will just take few months “resting” and will keep coming back.