Version 2.2.0 - The end of RR2

The same story always repeats itself every time.

  1. A new game update. Some nice and good new features, accompanied by bugs and some very unfair features (Flares greed must be always satisfied…).

  2. Players are unhappy and threaten to leave. Some players will actually leave, some are just talking.

  3. Flares are trying to earn time by showing it’s “will” to fix the bugs and by throwing small bones to silence all about the outrageous greedy features.

  4. During this time, numerous top players rush forward to achieve all the new features (using money, flares help or any other way).

  5. The protestors see their mates getting much stronger within a blink of the eye. The resistance starts to brake and all the top starts to upgrade everything fast.

  6. After some time all accept the new features and learn to live with them.

  7. Bugs stay. Greedy features stay. Some will continue complaining, but there will always be those who will try to silence them.

  8. Flares are happy. Players get used to the new update.

  9. All are waiting for the next game update…

Damn right. Flaregames is a group of perfectly talented vampires.

For me, it is a really interesting update. I like the following:

  1. Finally the alliance tower has more uses. Thank you Flare - you have listened to my plea

  2. The alliance search was improved - good but it is still broken. Just search for “blade”, “blades”,  “bladest” and look at the different results. 

  3. The user search was improved to such an extent that I got 15 alliance invites in 30 minutes. (Do not yet know if this is good or bad)

  4. The Intra troops make the war a lot more interesting - awesome idea (and I hope it will be improved on going forward)

  5. Alliance matchmaking - It looks better, but let us wait for the end of the war. Most abuse of the old system happened on the last day.

  6. You give us a way to reduce upgrades - good, but please improve on it.

  7. The windows notifications are awesome!!!

There is one thing I really hate and I really hope Flare will not do that again. My game started to update 4 hours before the war and failed continually. I was only up an running 15 minutes after the start of the war (even though I gave this high priority). I really feel cheated!!!.  PLEASE GIVE ME A WEEK’S TIME TO GET THE NEW UPDATE RUNNING AND TIME TO GET TO KNOW THE NEW UPDATE BEFORE THE WAR!!! 

As usual, resistance is futile.

Let’s be real here, back then when the skull perk first introduced, there were 3 items, and over the time players somehow managed to live with it and “enjoy” the “quest” in finding and then forging them. Now flare only introduce 2 more skull items (and it’s been quite some times since the first skull items introduced), so it’s actually not that bad, isn’t it? I see that many protesters are too quick to judge the nice update just because of the new skull items (if you read the complaints, mostly are about the new skull items). It’s like one “small” problem ruins all the nice huge updates flare gave us. Yes i said small, because most players already accept and be ok with the 3 skull items before.

Some top players said that the new skull items will destroy the “balance” on top rank, since the skull difference in their war are usually very close. Wasn’t that already happen back then too? Slowly but sure many top players in top alli find and forge the 3 items up to the condition they are now (adapted), it takes time, some will find it sooner than others, some will be way slower, and it will be the same this time too. Even rome wasn’t build in a day…

And about uber chest, give flare a bit time to catch some “whales” for few days or weeks, i’m sure flare will be kind enough to give us uber chest in some ways (and it’s actually been confirmed by one of the devs) later on. You’ll get over your “shock period” sooner than expected and i’m guessing most players will enjoy many “free” uber chest more than they would admit after flare put it for grab in several ways later after the time lend it’s hand to us all…

So, please take a chill pill to all the protesters, try to see the big picture. You survived 3 skull items back then, 2 new items shouldn’t be a big problem…

Caki bro , u r the one who should chill and stop being so negative and for heaven’s sake be supportive for once in your lifetime , u always stand up and defend FG without considering helping your brothers.

we are the players and the payers of this game and anything new introduced affects us all, and we have all the right to raise our voice and protest.

if u r fine with it then go buy and get all the skull perks u want and leave us here to address our problem and hear an answer from the developer of the game.

Flaregames makes great updates, and the game has been shifted to very good place , but with each update they make small mistake that ruins the game experience for most of the players.

introducing skull perk is just wrong and if u make a poll u will find that great percentage of the whole players will refuse it, cause it takes the esense of the game away, this is a war game and skill must be the major factor to determine who wins and who loses, and with each introduced skull perk this skill concept goes away until it will be gone with the next updates.

what makes this game alive is the competition and drama between alliances, and if u take that away the game will be dead.

we already saw many great alliances and players are simply gone because they cannot compete with the overly demanding game, so if Flaregames will still go down that road there will be no one interested to continue paying and playing.

i hope u understand what i mean.


also it will be decent of u to introduce ur self so we will no who we are talking to, 

Just had to register an account here to share my opinion on this subject.

I’ve been playing RR2 since March 2015 and have enjoyed my time in the game. Many amazing players, and great allianses. Just before the 2.0 update I was close to getting bored as I had almost maxed all my buildings, troops and spells. (At least the ones I use).  The 2.0 update was great with a lot of new upgrades and things to do. Joy was back. I’m now member of a great allianse and a level 108 player. My only concern has been the CoF skulls during war costing to many gems. As a loyal member of my allianse I must get my skulls.

My long time goal has been to reach lvl 111 to get max item levels that I can perk. That goal was trashed with the new update. Suddenly 130lvl items are no longer worth going for. The uber items killed that dream. I’ve spendt my share of money on gems during my stay but now…I’m angry as hell. No way, I’m going to pay a dime more for this crap. I feel the game is ruined and the joy is gone. To much pay to win philosophy. I am for the first time thinking about wtf I’m doing here. 

What happened to skill, strategy and great war? All replaced by , and $.

Strategy? Skills? In a game like this this two word never existed for me. You know a player can spend 1,000$ if he want and in all fight,buy all strong stuffs and be the worse player in the universe. If you have money you can do all you want in this game : scrolls like nobody can do it,buy all legendary gears,now Uber Chest,etc… Can have all Skulls perk if he want it,etc…

I am sure that was exactly the same with old version of the game. 1.7.0 and 1.8.0,etc…maybe from the beginning

No need to bring heaven to this, and you call me being so negative? that’s ironic… I can see that you are the type that can easily go into panic mode. Were you like this too the first time flare introduce the skull perks? Flare do need some “defending” because after the nice update they gave (except the new skull perk), it’s all covered with the skull perks complains, like it will be the end of the world (RR2 world ofc  :slight_smile:  ). 

Ask flare for uber chest, give them suggestions on how to give us uber chests without having to use gems instead of coming here with only anger and telling people many will leave and it’s the end. Give flare and yourself time to adjust, that’s what i would say not being negative. And you can see after few days, one of the dev responded and tell us that there will be “free” uber chest (i write the free like that, because essentially nothing is free, you “buy” them by spending time in the game) for non paying players. If your next reason is that the update happen 1-2d before war, and the new skull items will affect the war result, do you think all the big spender really get all the new items? i saw some screenshot, it’s the “unknown” player and only few big names that get them. So it’s actually no different than the first time skull perks arrived, some people get them sooner than the others, and some will get them way later.  You can get the first generation skull perks by spending gems (and pearls) right? The same with the new 2 items. And if by some unknown power your alli lost the war this season plainly because 2-3 members of the opponent have new 25%+ skull perks (complete 5 items), can’t you handle 1 lose? and i’m sure your alli will still get some boost prize for getting #2 or #3, will it break your alli for getting rank #2/#3 this season? It will be just like a replay of what happened back then when the first skull perks arrived. Your alli and many other alli survived that, and you all will survive this temporary storm too. 


Lvl 130 items aren’t that bad and not all uber items from uber chests are that good. You still can forge the lvl 130 legendary items and getting nice perks, and according to 3 of my friends that bought the 5100 gems uber chest package, they only get 1-3 items that really worth it. In my opinion, uber chest gears only worth it if you get the double perks that’s not supposed to be there on the same item.

Strategy is still there, you have to attack smart now with the loser bonus feature. Many times you have to ‘work’ with other alli to get loser bonus for yourself, also the strategy in shielding and champion your members. There’s also strategy in blocking opponents to limit their move, loser bonus, and ability to work with other alli on the map. No $$$ can do that. Unless you take bribing some players using $$$ into account of course, in that case, $$$ truly replace the strategy.

Great war? those strategy above will bring you great war, especially when both allis have similar strength, the winner will could be decided by less than 100 skulls difference. What are the criteria of great war anyway?

And about skill, i agree with you and warriornator, you can win any base with $$$ that translate into scrolls and revive potions (and it is indeed the same with previous version). But it doesn’t mean that you could automatically win the war, because both side can do that, and i bet no top alli can make all 60 members doing that constantly especially when there are more than 2 war fronts. Several individuals will be making some “mistakes” even with only 1-2 fronts, and that will be the “great war” part of it, because you wouldn’t know for sure who will win until the time is up (except with big loser bonus difference).

Hmm… Caki, you ignored one of the questions: about revealing your IGN… Come on, it does not seem that you’re the shy type… :slight_smile:

One of my ign is caki, that’s all you need to know  :rolleyes: or i can be whoever you want me to be…

Actually, i don’t need to know, neither care. Was just curious why did you avoid answering this question.

No player IGN “Caki” could find in RR2 by the way…

Caki is most probably Bek0n or one of jimbob’s minions for sure, cause that is their style of argument.

we are saying plain and clear that  introducing skull perk is just wrong and if u make a poll u will find that great percentage of the whole players will refuse it, cause it takes the esense of the game away, this is a war game and skill must be the major factor to determine who wins and who loses, and with each introduced skull perk this skill concept goes away.

there are many ways to get money from games and many players are ok to pay to keep the game alive, but we need the skill factor be the one determining the outcome of the war and who is the best team, otherwise without a real challenge many of the veteran players will just care less and less about the game until no one left to pay.


also one of the conversation rules if u care to be polite and having credibility u must make ur self known, unless u are hiding from something or someone.

Care to guess why many times you can’t find a specific player using search? :rolleyes:

Sure, i can be Bek0n or one of jimbob’s minions or even your minion if that can help you sleep at night…

All i’m saying is that skull perks is already there and now you need to replay the process again. It happened before and players found a way to dealt with it. Let me ask you, you have skull perks, don’t you? We (most players in this forum) already discuss/reject it back then and found out that there was no way to refuse it if we still want to play on a high level. If you think about it, back then it was even worse (3 skull items) compared to the recent 2 type of items only. Over the time, you’ve managed to accept the first generation of skull perks, adapt, and get those items. Let’s accept reality that skull perk is there to stay and give yourself some time to adjust.

This is not a conversation and no rules of being polite by making yourself known when everyone is using in game name. And you coming in the forum started a thread with a tantrum about the end of RR2 just because of the new skull perks is not that polite…

now u sound more like Flaregames employee that is why u r desperately defending a wrong idea,

when something is wrong u keep saying it is wrong no matter what, 

if people adapted they did because they invested too much into the game for them to quit and this adaptation is not result of being happy or satisfied, but if u push people consistently to accept wrong ideas many will come to the point of not caring anymore and press the uninstall buttun, 

we do not wanna lose any player of this game cause with no challenge and no real competition the game is worthless no matter how great it is.

wrong is wrong no matter what and we will keep object about it until flaregames will find a way to satisfy it’s players.

and hence this is a game we are well known by our IGN and our credibility are based on it, in RR2 community everybody knows everybody, so it is better to identify urself in order to weigh ur words if they are credible or not.  

Flare have listened and fixed many things:

  • 18 hour wars
  • Random skulls in chests
  • Infinite fail blacksmith casino
  • % Conversion rate for pearls
  • Ability to speed up builds
  • Videos for Windows
  • OP Frostblaster when first introduced
  • Alliance war matching
  • Preventing alliance hopping during active war

Hopefully they’ll listen to the community about skull perks as well

Sure, i can be flare employee if that’s what you want to hear. 

Read my comment again, i never said the adaptation was the result of being happy and satisfied. You probably wasn’t in forum yet back then when there were so many post about resisting skull perks. And after all of that, the skull perks is still there and the storm cool down. Why this time should be different? 

Please, stop being so dramatic with everybody knows everbody  :rolleyes: all you know probably only about the members of top 15 allis max (and ex members of these top allis) i’m willing to bet that you don’t know who are in 50-100 allis rank (hey, that’s not even everybody yet, right?). You haven’t answer my question by the way, do you have skull perks? how many items with skull perk do you have? Did you get them all in only few days? Are you planning to get the new 2 items over the time? let me help you answer that since I’m pretty sure the answers are (in order):  yes, 3, no, yes. And no need to weigh my words, as i said this is not a conversation, this is only a lullaby in attempt to soothe a fussy crybaby…

u r just another submissive guy who just kneel to whatever presented to him, u must know as well as the dev of this game that we have the power to change cause we are the one playing this game and whatever makes us happy must be done so this game will still alive, if u make a poll right now u can see that the majority of the players are against skull perk,

there are a lot of ways that FG can make money and many of us are happy to spend on a game that we love and enjoy, but that way must not be through skull perk.

FG devs has the habit of listening to us sometimes and as we keep on protesting they must listen to us and we will more devoted and loyal to the game more than ever.

and to answer ur questions , yes i have 10% skull perk which is so low among high ranking players, but i refused to increase them cause i will not be dragged to this endless pursuit of a stupid skull perk , i have 3 items which i obtained them during 6 month of normal forging, if the new skull perk will come by itself with free uber chest then it will be ok but i will never peruse it.

and yes the community knows each other and we know which one is credible and trustworthy and which one is just a con, cheater or a liar, 

u always against what the majority of the players wants and never stood beside ur brothers, so without knowing who u r in the game ur words will weigh nothing 

There are already so many poll back then about skull perk too. But did it work? the answer is NO. That “power” you mentioned must be an illusion, because the skull perk didn’t disappear. 

You’re too naive thinking that Flare really listen to you, i said in some of my old post, be careful with your demand, because flare will twist them to fit their needs. All the changes that seems to be the result of flare listening to you is an illusion, you have to “pay” them soon with something you don’t like… They will “listen” to something as long as they can “twist” it in some way to their advantage. Eliminating skull perks won’t bring them any advantage, so don’t expect them to do anything about it…

And another reality check for you, player that want to leave will leave, player that still want to play, will keep on coming back and playing, regardless of the skull perks problems. Even if the skull perk problem is gone, players will find a “new” problem to complain and say that it will make them quit the game.

One, you are not my brother, neither do i need in game “brothers”. And two, since you said you are from apocalypse, i assume your enemy would be vanguard legion? would you say all 60 of them are your brothers/sisters? would you stood beside them now?. And what about your other in game enemies? are those considered “brothers” too? and fyi,  i’m a big supporter of quality over quantity, so i don’t worship “majority”, and no need to weigh my words, deep down i’m sure you admit what i said aboves are true.

unfortunately what caki says is true…even some who quit pop back in and flare has never listened…they give in to minor requests and leave the ones that create a furor…players calm down and the pattern repeats

Nowhere near as bad. I’ve been on since 1.4. At that point, money could get you gems for scrolls, food, items (but not legendary, epic was the top at the time) and instant upgrade completion. There were no pearls, perks, war seasons, chests of any kind, etc.