Version 2.2.0 update

Please indicate your opinion about version 2.2.0 update of Royal Revolt

Many new things in this update , and what i mostly like the new combinations that we could avail from uber items , i only dont like the concept of gaining uber chests only exclusive to richer class , i feel quality , luck and time spent should be given more importance than money spent . But we should have faith in developers they will surely give some ways which will help the hard core players and not only high investors.

Another thing is insta troops again a very well though descision to think new combinations and strategies to get stronger .

I believe this update has bought the low king level quality players(new players) much closer to old players(long time players) so much more competition to see in the leader boards . the gap is well bridged


This update was okay except for:

-More skull perks

-2 days “offers” of uber chest that are actually shown all the time

-More “unique offers” of 5 uber chests for 1500 gems that are offered to me always… I actually bought one of these and it’s not worth it.