Version 2.5 - Discussion


Here you can discuss the new version of Olympus Rising, the version 2.5.

How do I test my alliance members defenses I have checked all the boxes and settings and cannot find it.


You just have to go to the Members list in the Alliance menu.

You will then see an icon with two swords next to the name of your mates.

If you tap on this icon, you will be able to test their defenses. :slight_smile:

Hope it is helpful!

First we have to update the game from Apple Store or Google store

Autoplay will be only interrupted when you take control of your hero. If you have taken control and want to turn autoplay on again, just tap the joystick symbol.


When I take control of my hero the joystick disappear so I can not put him in auto play again 

Hello lefteris,

Could you please send me a screenshot of your screen when this occurs?

Also, which device and OS version do you use?

Aether only immediate issues I see is that blessings dont apply to your alliance members when you attack them. Its just a basic defense.


Have the blessings been activated while these players were online?

They are long standing blessings and the players are currently online. 


Can you please check with these players if they updated the game to the new version?

If they still have the previous version, you will be able to test their defense, but the divine blessings will not appear.

I can’t because the photo file is more than 1.95 MB

but imagine that I see the joystick and when I take control of the Hero the joystick dissapeardisappear

Hey Lefteris,

Does it happen all the time?

Also, which device and OS version do you use for playing please?

Hi Aether,

I have update to the new version on AppStore and it seems to be stuck in the loading screen after updating the game. “Could not reestablish connection” kept popping up.


iPhone 6 S plus

i.o.s. Version 9.3.2

WTF the chest cost ? its cost 2x expensive now

That really depends on your leaderboard position. Can you please give me your in-game name.

KaanAKaya. It’s change after the update

Hi Pete

i made the update on my iPhone 6 and now i can t connect to the server 

what happen? 

Ty kalz 

The calculation method for the gold price for chests you can buy with gold has changed. Before the price was connected to the player level, now it is connected to the leaderboard tier. The reason is that some low level players, being high in the leaderboard, were able to buy one or more new chest with every battle. That gave them a huge advantage against other players. They were able to fight endlessly, but most importantly to use endlessly resurrections. Which gave them a huge benefit in battles. Therefore the price is now changed and is much more expensive for those players. For all other players there will be changed as well, but they will be not that much.  It was an exploit and we needed to fix it. Sorry.


Please kill the app and try to connect again.