Version 2.6 - Discussion


Here you can discuss the latest version of the game, the version 2.6.

very nice to see a new feature, but the only sad thing is, it all cost gems…like 90% of the game 

I can’t attack other players due to different game versions why not release the update to both OS at the same time? 

Sad to see another major gem pay to win thing being added to the game so early…  Should our mount olympus cost more than our real homes?

probably yes, but its your choice!

thought prestige system would boost your defence, but its not… all the resource bonus i dont need really… the extra donation bonus is great, the extra dominance is nice, the 2 new heroes great to beat higher boosted lvls, if it wasnt already easy enough! not worth spending the gems to upgrade decorations for 1000 gems 2000 gems 10.000 gems and 400 gems for 7 days prolong …the heat map is very nice

can t connect to finish my gems


samething happen when I update from 2.4 to 2.5, now from 2.5 to 2.6, can’t connect, shows: please check your internet connection. 


my device: iPHONE 6s, IOS 9.3.2. 

Here Hades attack…



I like the update, but really wish there was more ways to get free gems…

Since the start of the game they have been balancing to fix what was broken. Now they’ve fixed the system and immediately add a new feature that will again destabilize the balance of power. Not to mention that they have elected to focus on creating more ways to get to our money in favour of actual gameplay features that will make the game more fun to play.

I have nothing against pay to play/win features per se, that’s the payment model. But what exactly justifies asking us for more money when there is no indication what so ever that this game will get any more interesting than it is currently?

I’m disappointed yet again. And I can’t imagine being the only one.

I agree with you so much. Ok to pay but give us challenges to earn free gems too ! Trivia event for example was cool, some game event could be fun too, …

@the_guys_who_agree_with_p2w    pls ignore my post, no need for hopeless discussions. 

It will be frustrating not to be able to make use of the prestige bonuses, many players haven’t had the chance to upgrade their decorations with normal resources and on the other hand, many people won’t have the gems to keep the bonuses active. A big fail, that is showing us in what direction this game is going more and more. I’m wondering why you scaring the majority of people, off of this game, in long term you won’t have profit by making more features p2p, the normal active users that consist the biggest part of the playerbase will just stop buying small packs and daily gem packs and the game will remain with a few big wallets and if they get bored and stop playing you won’t have anything left. 

It’s becoming way to expensive to play a basic game that it doesn’t even compare to a PC or console type game! It’s like I’m paying 100 USD to eat a Happy Meal at McDonald’s and get frustrated and all of that shit,  than going to a fancy restaurant and have a good time and get bang for the buck! 

I truly hope this is not the way that this game is intended, I mean just to trick us and lure us to take more money. 

the prestige bonuses should be reactivated by both gold (cost a lot) and gems so f2p players are able to use this feature

I like the update but there is nothing new to do. 400 gems to keep prestige going is way to expensive, the boosts arent really that good. For 200 gems I might concider it. Heat maps look cool but dont really help much. Splash screen looks great but now I want a hammer for my minotaurs haha


We need new content, alliance wars or events. As it is now its just getting boring. Leveling heroes and defeating all monster island is only thing to do.


Wont let me play without installing update:) Im in so much hurry to do it, sounds awesome from forum input:) waiting til tmrw for free wifi, its not even worth the 100mb download…

What about the chat…?

Apparently we can use emojis now…


I think so too that they went over the limit with prices. I would like to see who will spend 10000 gems to upgrade one prestige. You need to take these 00 or 000 off. This would be more reasonable price 10 or 100 gems max. 

Still feeling shocked by the fact that we have to pay gems to extend the celestial boostart.  

Just a p2w feature then really… sooner or later you built the stuff u can without upgrading it and timers goes out. And then you forget what a celestial boost even is because you have to pay gems to activate it.