Version 2.7 - Alliance Wars

If you hope to bring the glory of the true Mount Olympus back to the world, many allies will be needed. Join forces to fight those who oppose you. Those who fight hardest will be generously rewarded!


For each of your victories, we will light up a Torch on the path to the Pantheon. The more Torches burn for you, the closer you will be to true ascension.

If you wish to know more about the oncoming War, you can head to our FAQ or to the video preview of the Alliance Wars, providing explanation about them.

We have listened to your prayers and changed the following rules on Mount Olympus, in time for the first War:

  • Your enemies’ Power and Invocation cooldown will no longer be reset upon death. They must try to stay alive if they want to have a hope of beating you!
  • Retreating at the gate to repeatedly take Trophies will no longer be possible. One must fight until the end to reap the rewards, or leave with nothing!

Additional changes:

  • Account link feature: you can now link your account to another device 1 time every 30 days. Don’t forget, you should remain the only owner of your account and not transfer it to another person, as it is a violation of our Terms of Service!
  • You can now use emojis in your name!
  • The UI has been updated and streamlined
  • We’ve also added support for Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese and Korean




Bug fixes:

  • Removing ruins and changing your defense path displayed the wrong gems cost to keep on removing ruins: this shouldn’t happen anymore.
  • Tons of other, smaller bug fixes!

Now don’t delay! Prepare your army, board on your warships and we’ll see you soon on the battlefield!

Your Olympus Rising Team