Version 2.7 - Winter and Yetis Mayhem!

Hello Kings & Queens,

Winter is here and new furry enemies await you!



How dare you step into my Kingdom of cold and ice! Now you’ll have to fight if you hope to leave it alive!

You’ll have to fight through new levels and defeat my cheeky little Yetis to reach me.

If you successfully manage to survive your journey, you might face me and be granted with great rewards!


Winter Festival

Join in the celebrations with the arrival of seasonal events called “Festivals”!

  • Come back daily for unique battles to unlock your daily Festival Chest.
  • Gather Candy Canes to purchase exclusive winter themed items!

These exclusive items have special perks and are made to withstand the snowstorms of winter.



Yetis Mayhem

Many of you wanted the Zombies to return. They would end up frozen at this time of the year! Instead, a new happy bunch of enemies jumped into battle!

Welcome the Yetis! We hope you will give them a warm welcome and dissuade them from invading you!

A word of warning - beware of their special ability! These little fellas are deceptive and if you’re not careful they’ll turn into a huge rage induced Yeti able to destroy your army in no time!

They will definitely boost your offensive and defensive abilities if you can tame them, show them who is the strongest!


Additional note

As we are continuously expanding Royal Revolt 2 our ability to support Windows Phone 8.0 is reaching its limits. Unfortunately we will no longer be supporting Windows Phone 8.0 after March 2017.

You can transfer this save to another device to continue playing by following the instructions here: 

Get ready for this special Winter edition of Royal Revolt 2 and don’t forget to light up the fireplace!

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team

Hello everyone,

The Winter Festival has started!

Good luck and don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us!

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team