Version 2.8 - Invitation Rewards and Ajax the Great!

Dear Olympians,

Your journey to restore the supremacy of Mount Olympus is not over yet! Rumours have arrived of two new island areas to explore and conquer, get ready to fight and become the rightful ruler of these islands!

Remember: together you are strong, and soon connecting with new players will make you stronger!

Titan Rewards

  • Collect Titan Points each day to unlock new, powerful rewards!
  • Become stronger together! Invite new players and have them enter your Invitation Code, so you can both collect points to unlock special rewards simply by playing each day.
  • Gain even more Titan Points by managing to stay in the top 100 of the Hall of Fame.

You can find additional information regarding the Titan Rewards system here:

New chests and items We introduced a new rarity for chests: the Titan rarity. The items contained in these chests were locked away for safekeeping, after the downfall of the Titans, and are very powerful, check them out!





Ajax the Great Ajax is a colossal and mighty Hero, ready to join your epic legend.

  • You can unlock Ajax and increase his abilities by collecting Titan points.
  • Unlocking Ajax also unlocks his Frenzy Invocation for all Heroes. This Invocation will boost the strength of your Hero’s attacks, Powers and even other Invocations!
  • Ajax doesn’t need help from other gods or Heroes, every Power he uses is unique to him!

Keep your friends at your side if you want to develop this Hero to full strength!






  • A battle log is now available when looking at the heatmap.

When looking at the heatmap, an additional button in the bottom right corner is now available, allowing you to see who attacked you. We hope you will make good use of it to reinforce your defense.

  • To find your next battle you can now cycle through the enemies on the Island Map directly from the Hero Preparation screen.
  • Some Heroes can summon many Unit types, but you might want to use only a few. This is now possible as you can remove Units from Unit slots.
  • Autoplay now has a slight delay to its actions and can no longer be relied on for perfect timing in battles.

Alliances A few improvements will help you play efficiently as a team with your Alliance buddies.

  • The Alliance Motto is now displayed as an announcement in the chat when you login. Don’t forget to update it to keep everyone in your Alliance informed!
  • You can now setup a minimum Ascension Level for joining or applying to your Alliance.
  • Two additional ranks are also available:
    • Captain: this rank has the same rights as an Officer but is not able to spend the Alliance Gold
    • Veteran: this rank is similar to a Foot Soldier, but you can distinguish special players this way as they cannot be kicked without first demoting them

Alliance Wars

  • Titan Battle Chests have been added as War Spoils. Fight hard and you could win some powerful forbidden treasures.
  • Look out for new War Blessings, coming as War Rewards very soon!

We improved the visiblity on the War map!

  • See which Strikes you’ve already fought in, directly on the War Map
  • Strikes which end soon will be marked with a pillar of light in the colour of the currently winning Alliance
  • You can now zoom further out before additional strike information becomes hidden

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug which caused Heroes’ Leadership Bonuses not to work properly. The displayed Leadership values might now be lower than before but they are still able to call units at least as often as before
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to scroll up/down in the Hall of Fame. You can now look again for players at all levels of the Hall of Fame.
  • The correct number of Heroes used by a player will now be displayed on the War Spoils screen.
  • And hundreds more minor bug fixes!

Good luck creating new myths and legends, we are looking forward to seeing the feats you can accomplish.

Your Olympus Rising Team