Version 2.9.0 can't connect

Unable to logon since I updated to version 2.9.0.

Samsung S5, Android 6.0.1.

My game was working fine before this update.


IGN Goddess of Realms


Can you please get in touch with the customer support team about the issue?

Can’t log in the game, always freeze on loading screen. Yesterday it was all good. Android 6.0.1. On my second device iPad I can’t log in too. “download new version”, but no new version in Apple store. Please help! Waiting for an answer! Wisem@n 


Do you still have the freeze on loading screen?

Also the version 2.9 is not released yet on iOS as it has to be approved by Apple before we can release it.

Yes. Freeze on loading screen (Android) version 2.9 and “download new version” (iOS) version 2.8.  When will I can play in my favorite game?)