Version 3.6

With the new Update 3.6 we got masteries. I love this new festure, but I did a big mistake, choosi g the wrong mastery. Is there a possibility to chang a choosen mastery? Because if not, I fucked up my Account with a realy bad mastery. I would pay gems to change this. @CaptainMorgancould you anserr this?

Hey @PanicMind,

No worries, once you reach the next level of Fame, you will be able to choose a new Mastery - once all the slots are full you can replace one you already have (they will always fill the slot with the same shape). So you will have a chance to replace that Mastery in the future.

Unfortunately, we can’t undo the change you’ve made, but it won’t last forever.

Hi fellow Olympians,

Wow, I’m totally amazed that the new version includes two of my ideas!  ")

oh wow I go fast like a bullet download it :wink:

Edit : For not spoiling I guess we cannot talk about 3.6 right now and wait everyone have it. Sound fair.

Maybe wait tomorrow


Some question

Question 1

what is the grey symbol in Heroe’s Temple?

Question 2

Do you have test all the possibility of masteries in a test server? Do you think will make Heroes too much powerful with enhancement in long term?

Question 3

With Blessing like Poseidon tower who have increase range, Do you think Monolith Tower will make some base too much powerful with enhancement?

Question 4

The new spell level up with trophy. Do you think at level 12 or more this spell is too much powerful with 1,475 of power or more? Can we enhance it in Odyssey?

Just that for now :wink:

Pheme is a very strong Power indeed, but to the cost of very high cooldown: 60 seconds

It means you will be able to use it only twice during a battle?

oh ok I didn’t noticed sorry. Make sense each 60 seconds.

Need help. I didn’t know what i have to do in this version and i skip all.
I skiped all my masteries for the hero in ithacan harbor.
How to return it all?

Thanks for the enhancements for hero’s.

I love this feature.


As mentioned at the beginning of this thread, we are unable to undo this choice. Since we force you to confirm skipping a Mastery, and show a red text warning when you do it, we assume that players will read the warning and as such, that this is sufficient to prevent players accidentally skipping Masteries.

Unfortunately you will have to gain another 20 Fame for the chance to select a new one, but you will be able to fill out all of your 5 slots once you gain enough Fame.

Nice update, my compliments to FG !

I got one question, having chosen the 5 masteries I believe to be best: speed, hit points, area damage, cooldown bonus, leadership:

-> does new masteries mean: same, but better values, e.g. right now I got speed +4% (which was close to max. I could get), in future it will be possible to find upto +6% or so? Or do you mean new kinds of masteries?

Question for thos who have the new tower: Is it unreachable like the Nyx tower?

The new Tower cant be destroyed, if I got it right. It’s more like a permanent boost of range as long as the neighboring (defensive) towers exist.

So the only way to destroy it would be to destroy the neighboring towers?

Edit: I just realiized that it says in the description that it is indestructable.

It’s still affected by cooldown, like any other spell. 

Does anyone have any idea what these 2 new achievements indicate?

there are new cursed items.

Can we have more info on this? Curse items can be obtained in which chest? Legendary,Titan or brand new Curse Chest? in Daily Chest? War Chest? in Odyssey Chest?

I think you have to play the game to find out. I don’t know.

The dominance celestial boost was taken out!  Thanks guys!