Version 3.8.0 - The Hunt Begins

Greetings Olympians,[](

The time has come! We are no longer able to hold back Artemis and she has burst into Olympus Rising, along with her Stag companion, ready to hunt down the enemies of Mount Olympus.

However, she is very picky about who she will fight with. In order to unleash her you will need to prove your devotion to Artemis!

Unlocking each of Artemis’ Powers is also a challenge in itself, and completing her loadout is a sign of a true Olympus Rising master.

We’ve also added several special achievements which can only be beaten using Artemis, by proving your skill with her on the battlefield.

It’s also time for another god to visit Mount Olympus: You.

AR Mode

For iOS 11 users in Olympus Rising, if your device supports Apple’s new ARKit, you will now be able to tread in the footsteps of your Heroes, and mingle with your Worshippers. Look out for the ARKit Symbol which will allow you to choose between two modes:


Mortal Mode: Explore Mount Olympus from the point of view of a Mortal, living in the Acropolis.

And that’s not all you can do…

Visiting Alliance Members

All players, will now be able to visit the Mount Olympus of their fellow Alliance Members. Simply tap the new button in the member list of your Alliance and revel in the glory of their creations. For those of you lucky enough to have access to the AR Mode, you will also be able to explore your colleagues’ Acropolis in God or Mortal mode.

Along with your new found powers come certain advantages…

Conquer Islands

There is now a new button in the battle loadout which will allow you to Conquer an Island without fighting a battle. This will allow you to take resources, or move your Heroes without first having to defeat a particularly difficult enemy, or simply to save time.

Important Note: Since you will not take part in battle when Conquering islands, you will not receive any Hall of Gods rewards. This means no Trophies, no bonus Dominance from the battle, and no Gold reward for defeating your enemy.

But that’s still not all!

There are a lot of improvements in version 3.8 which are not as obvious as those above, we really hope you enjoy discovering them, including (but not limited to):

  • The new Call Stag invocation!
  • New and improved Celestial Boosts!
  • Improved chances of finding Unique Items! You will now have an increased chance to find a Unique Item every time you open a Titan Chest. This will only reset to the original chance once you have managed to find one.
  • Tons  of bug fixes and improvements!

So go hunt down your enemies, or, if you have not yet been chosen, begin pledging your devotion to Artemis. We look forward to your feedback!

Your Olympus Rising Team

Important Note: This version may take some time to release in all countries. If it is not yet available in your store, please try again later.