Version 3.8 now available!

Greetings Queens & Kings!

Version 3.8 of Royal Revolt 2 is now available, packing brand-new features to explore, new friends to meet and new foes to defeat! So be ready for the cold season and find out what awaits you with this icy update:

Adding Depth to the Pro-Leagues :

Introducing the Pro Boosts:

Adding a new aspect of comradery to the Pro-League with 3.8, we are introducing the “Pro Boosts”. An all new type of Boost alliances can unlock with the combined Pro-Scores of their members.

Each Pro-Cup will feature one of five new Pro-Boosts as an alliance reward. Alliances can unlock and upgrade them by reaching a certain “Alliance Pro-Score” milestone. Once reached, the Pro-Boost will be activated as soon as the Pro-Cup has ended and can then, like War Season Boosts, be prolonged until it is featured in a Pro-Cup again.

There are currently five different Pro-Boosts:

  • Unholy Paladin: Paladins collect Dragon Power when they attack and can transform into a mighty Stone Dragon
  • Ascension Archer: Five Archers sacrifice their life to form a new kind of threat
  • Box of Shocks: The Jester Box will trigger an additional chain lightning
  • Tainted Love: The Heal Tower’s orb is more efficient and causes fear and fire on enemies.
  • Mass Hysteria: A Firebolt Tower that confuses its targets

Pro-Ticket Donation:

You will now be able to donate your spare Pro-League tickets to fellow alliance members (who meet the requirements to participate in the Pro-League). Players who can receive Pro-League tickets will have a “Donate” icon displayed next to their name in the new Alliance Pro-Score menu. A flashing Donate button indicates a player without a Pro-Ticket.

Simply tap on the icon, set the amount of tickets that you wish to donate and help each other out!

Improvement to the Pro-Subscription Ticket collection mechanism:

Following your feedback about the Pro-Subscription, we changed the way of handing out the weekly tickets. Pro-Subscribers will automatically receive their first Pro-Ticket right at the activation of the subscription and an additional one at each new Pro-Cup’s start. The regular monthly free ticket will still be available for subscribers.

New requirements to purchase Pro-tickets:

With version 3.8, players have to reach Throne Room level 10 to access to the Pro-Ticket Shop. The same requirement also applies for the monthly free ticket.

Developer comment: Since players can only participate in the Pro-League once they have reached Throne Room level 10, we decided to apply the same requirements to collect the free tickets and purchase tickets. This is intended to prevent frustration caused by potential mispurchases of an item, that cannot be used straight away and help reduce confusion for players who are new to the game.

What else is new?

On top of the above improvements, we have also implemented the following additions:

  • 10 new Dungeon Challenges containing truly divine rewards
  • All New Perks, like the ever convenient “Bomb Kicking Aura” are waiting to be discovered
  • New powerful Items and heart-melting Pro-Cuteness will be gracing the Pro-Shop very soon, so make sure to keep an eye on our Pro-League announcements!
  • At Level 20 the Gold Production of all 4 Taverns now is 1.500.000 per day
  • Seasonal surpises to help you through the dead of winter and defy the cold in style - Winter is here!

Community Requests

We have also implemented various community ideas that you suggested on the forum or during some of our previous Q&A sessions:

  • A new Meltdown-Button is now available in the hero item information window that lets you skip the journey to the Blacksmith building!
  • Donating All Insta-Troops at once to another player is now possible!
  • Offense Beast Stats are now displayed in a new menu, that unlocks along with the Pal Flute Spell (accessible over the Pal Menu)
  • Switching an Alliance during an ongoing War Season prevents the fighting in Wars for 60hours
  • The Battle Progress Calculation now takes all Towers and Obstacles into account a player can place at his current Castle Gate Level (rather then only the ones that are placed by the path and show up in battle)
  • A Skull Bonus Rework will now additionally consider the difference in fiefdoms (not just the Skulls from lost Wars) when determining an alliance’s Skull Bonus share
  • Converting Pals to Alliance Gold is now possible once an alliance reached the max Level of a Beast

Your Royal Revolt 2 team