Version 3.8 - PRO BOOSTS, end of play-for-free players?

Alliance Boosts :
Paid with members gold donation and also directly purchasable;
having a decent Alliance Tower lvl becames a requirement to join good alliances.

War Boosts:
Available after winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in wars;
participating in wars and having high skull bonus equipment became main requirements when recruiting members.

Pro Boosts:
Unlocked with the combined Pro-Score of the alliance members;…

so how long untill playing Pro-League becomes a requirement to join high ranked alliances?

it all depends on how many points are needed to unlock the pro boosts.

If 15 players can earn it, then with 60+ free tickets a month, an Alliance can earn them for free

If you wait long enough and collect 4 tix to play a full month, then do well, you be getting shit load of free tix lol so then joining top ally is more possible but I think overall they only care for war related requirement

I say you’re being too positive thinking Pro Boosts will be that easy to unlock. I honestly expect it to need at least 40 members participating

I am sure it depends on alliance level like we have in ninjas… So on every upgrade u will need more points to get pro boosts

I played 4/4 weeks before, finished something between #60 and #70 and didn’t get any free ticket, so “do well” must be better than that, which means less than 70 players in the entire game community is getting a “shit load of free tix” while all the others get only pearls and pal food. :ph34r:
And after my full month reward of 800 gems and 2 pro-chests with only pearls and pal food inside I just gave up the idea of ever spending gems with tickets to play full month again, and waiting 4 months to collect enough free tickets is just too much. 

That’ll be down to luck, plus now chest are given more as well (2 chest for top 500) so in 4 tries if you dont get any tix, your luck must be shit lol

I didn’t get any free ticket in the time it is, and i play weekly.  So i have more than bad luck?

Hmmm all players I know in-game seem to be in the same situation as me, not getting any free tickets in pro-chests or when being lucky getting 1 or 2(max!!!) per month.

I think you’re the exception then.
btw, how many do u mean when u say “you be getting shit load of free tix”?  :huh: