Version 3.8

I’m excited but confused at the same time. The new creature is a male, probably a deer, but in mythology, the Ceryneian Hind is a female and capturing her is the third task in the story of the Labours of Hercules. Which Hero will unlock that creature? Hercules or Artemis? I’m pretty sure the new heroine is Artemis though.

According to my long and deep investigation, that is a female deer. She has only male type horns…

Yes, i think new goddess will be Artemis too. Hope she knows how to use the unique bow that odyseus only carries on his back… 

Hermaphrodite? :grinning:

Speaking of horns, will they inflict more damage than Minos’?

Haha, you guys are tops. After being sure it was male, we checked under the skirt. The gender of the creature is still unconfirmed, but please note: this is not the Ceryneian Hind. We decided to leave it ambiguous, as often they are referred to as horned deer, often as stags, sometimes as hinds. Greek mythology can be such a contradictory place sometimes.

OK you just changed the text from “he/him” to “they/them” in the Announcement.

I think this will help CaptainMorgan??

Myth vs science, it’s like a battle between Zeus and Hades.

This game become more and more awesome each update. New Heroine,New troop,etc… few update ago new tower,new mode,new power,etc… Great Works CaptainMorgan. You listen people here and thanks for that. Very awesome

Who thinks that Santa Claus’s Reindeer is a perfect match with Cadmus’ Curse of Ares aka Christmas Tree?  :wink:

_ Cap is giving away some info just read that post carefully, the dear belongs to someone, its a her a Goddess with many enemy’s he adds _

_ According to my research the Golden horn dear was a gift from nymph Taygate to goddess Artemis. _

_ It was announced a new Hero hope “she” is a good ranger, I heard a ranger might come with some bugs  _

Every clue shows the new hero will be Artemis. I am sure now. Only a hunter, hunt a deer. And only with long range. I wonder first spell now (massive damage to a single target, unit/tower/even statue perseus) . And ofc i wonder the ability of that deer. Hope it is a support troop. Its golden glowing horns remind me the helios light, and maybe deer gives nearby troops some status boost and maybe make them more resistant to converting… 

Else it may act as the mobile gate, drawing the fire of all the units and towers (For they are eager to hunt the deer)… Or compete with the minotaur, charging Nyx towers wherever they are

3.8 is online?

It’s a joke? I don’t believe it!!

what’s the idea behind this?
why not reward who for example makes trophies instead of putting something so casual to unlock the new hero?

I don’t believe…

It looks like Artemis would be obtained through Titan points like I thought with 5 Power slots, the Stag being the first one.

We could spy on our enemy defense (like towers orientation) before attacking?

Very promising!

They did this, because this tower is normaly not used by the most of the player. You see them only often on the top player defence. This tower is rly good in high lvl. So now, they force us to use the Artemis tower. And it will bring some instresting new defence layouts.

I’m ok with it, but don’t like they way, they force us. All the top player will have the new hero unlocked. The others not. I have to wait 3 days now, to unlock this hero, because, my highest Artemis tower is on the way to lvl 20 atm.


You guess right again Tomaxo???Artemis is the most wanted hero by most of us???

Guys, update not available yet for me. Coukd you please explain further? Thx… 


To unlock the new Hero, you need at least one artemis tower on lvl 20 or higher. And I think this will go on with the powers of the hero. So be prepared…

Panicmind thx for info…